Forget Michigan’s Fab 5 or the 2013 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, there is a new group of fantastic freshmen. You can find them out on the links representing the Silver and Blue — golfers Corey Eddings, Grant Booth and Jooho Lee.

The freshmen trifecta isn’t just good or even great, they are the best freshman golf class in the country. Right now the three are shooting an average of 72.9 — which is the best-combined score of any freshman class in the country.

“I was shocked,” Eddings said. “I knew we were going to be good coming into the season, but I didn’t think our freshman class was going to be number one. It was pretty surreal.”

Booth, who is a native of Sydney, Australia, has had to adjust to the American culture and being called “bro” instead of “mate” he’s adjusting to it and America quite nicely.

“I’m loving it so far,” Booth said. “Obviously it’s a very big change for me but with the help of the coaches and the rest of the team they have really helped me settle in.”

Booth’s adjustment to American golf courses has been even smoother. He has two top 20 finishes in his first two tournaments. At the Gene Miranda Invitational in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he tied for 14th. Last month at the Ram Masters Invitation in Fort Collins, Colorado, he tied for 13th.

“I feel like I’ve played well,” Booth said. “I’ve proven that I can compete with the quality golfers over here which has felt really good for myself.”

The best tournament finish of any of the freshmen belongs to Eddings. Who finished second at the Ram Masters invitational, one stroke off of the winner of the tournament.

“It was great to do that well,” Eddings said. “Over the summer I was struggling a little bit, so it felt really good to come into that tournament and pull out a second. I played very well all three rounds, I hit the ball well and putt the ball pretty well.”

But you can’t have a great trio without a third member. That’s like making a s’more without the chocolate; the last piece of this trio is Jooho Lee. The Canadian native has finished tied for 38th and 17th at his first two tournaments respectively.

But even after two top 40 finishes Lee isn’t satisfied and like any hungry athlete, he is setting his goals high for the Price’s Give Em 5 Invitational.

“I’m looking for a top ten [finish] in the next tournament,” said Lee. “So that’s going to be my goal going into the week.”

With these three it’s not all about golf, they share a bond. Not only are they dominating on the course but also off the course they have formed a very good friendship.

“We are all very close,” Eddings said. “We all try to hang out outside of golf and we do other things together so we aren’t just only hanging out at the golf course.”

But any similarities of a normal friendship end there. The three are very good and head coach Jacob Wilner knew he had something special when he signed the three athletes out of high school.

“It took probably a year and a half to assemble,” Wilner said. “But we knew once everyone was signed we had a very special class. They are very talented players with a lot of experience.”

But just like any good thing there. is always room for improvement. And these three have a lot to improve on if they want to continue their success.

“They need to grow as players,”  Wilner said. “The maturation process of dealing with being away from home and dealing with being apart of a team, dealing with responsibilities. They just need to adjust to the process.”

The season is a long way from over and they still have a lot of work to do but these guys are good, and the group has big goals for themselves, but more importantly the team.

“We are taking each day as it comes and trying to get better and better,” Booth said. “But the ultimate goal is to reach the top 25 team in the nation.”

Already with two top 10 finishes this season the Pack will be in action again on Oct. 16 as the team travels to the Lone Star State to play in the Price’s Give Em 5 in El Paso, Texas.