By Chris Boline

Conserve: Gold ‘N Silver Inn

Until the end of my time on this planet, I will always make a firm commitment to defend Gold ‘N Silver.

Usually lambasted for its questionable washing etiquette and smoky interior, I absolutely adore this place for its nostalgic appeal and underrated food.

Distilled to its core essentials, GNS is old-school Reno.

Of course, there are definitely detractors, but to me it’s about getting in where you fit in and that’s what Gold ‘N Silver is all about. After a long night (for better or worse), nothing says fulfillment like watching the sun come up outside of this restaurant.

Splurge: Peg’s Glorified ham n eggs

Peg’s isn’t the priciest of the many breakfast options in Reno, but the old saying “time is money” is incredibly apt for this Reno staple. With consistent lines out of the door, you are definitely waiting for more of the mass appeal of Peg’s than the actual food. Although the long lines are not unwarranted as the dining inside the restaurant is worth the wait, especially after a night of carousing on the town (or in your parent’s basement, we don’t judge at the Sagebrush.)



By Terrance Bynum

Conserve: Giant Burger

Giant Burger is a tasty choice for a quick, cheap lunch. It’s my second option when thinking about lunch and it is nice to the wallet.

Giant Burger also has a $5.69 special every day for a burger and fries. It is close to campus and easy to find.

Even though Giant Burger has decent prices, it doesn’t have a lot of variety; but that’s the beauty in it. It’s plain and simple, a burger and fries or the same burger with different toppings.

A restaurant can be cheap and still appeal to the masses; it doesn’t always need a plethora of options. They just have the basics of a burger joint and that does it for me.

Splurge: Michael’s Deli

Located at the edge of Midtown, the New York-style Michael’s Deli is a prime place to grab a sandwich and enjoy a nice read. Living on a budget is something I have come accustomed to the past three years I’ve spent here at Nevada, and Michael’s Deli has fit into my budget perfectly. Michael’s Deli has daily specials that start at $6.50 and top off at about $8.50. They have a variety of options like paninis, salads, sub sandwiches and soups. My personal favorite is the Italian Sub with chips, and that only costs $7.89. It’s a healthier choice than hot wings and fries, so check it out!



By Eric Uribe

Conserve: Bangkok Cuisine 

The phrase “if it ain’t foreign, it’s boring” applies to many of the finer things in life — cars, clothing, women — but above all, it lies in food choice.

Like its Asian counterparts, a staple in Thai food is rice and noodles. However, what puts Thai food on a pedestal is the spicy peppers that bathe its entrees. Since 1996, Bangkok has been the go-to Reno spot for Thai food.

At Bangkok, you pick the spice level of your entree based on a one-to-five scale. The five different spice levels create an array of options at the restaurant to kick your taste buds into high gear.

Splurge: Sterling’s Seafood Steakhouse

Full disclosure, I work at this restaurant. Nonetheless, Sterling’s isn’t the number-one rated fine dining restaurant in Reno on Yelp — with 322 reviews averaging a four-and-a-half star rating — for no reason. The steaks are to die for. The steaks are the highest quality Certified Angus Beef and warrant their $45 average price tag. If the only wine you’ve tasted is a bag of Franzia, I suggest corking off a bottle of wine while there, too. Moreover, Sterlings puts service at the forefront, being named to OpenTable’s Top 100 restaurants with the best service in all of the country.



By Maddison Cervantes

Conserve: Jelly Donut 

While some crave a mountain of grease at 4 a.m. on a Friday night, others have a lust for sugar and dough.

Reno’s 24-hour Jelly Donut, located on South Virginia Street, is a late night destination for those with an eternal sweet tooth. However, the looks of it might frighten some first-timers, but hole-in-the-wall eateries can often surprise you.

Encased behind a glass barrier, rows of sprinkled, glazed and chocolate donuts invite customers for a cheap but delectible treat.

Next time the sugar craving strikes, bring a friend and enjoy this hidden gem for what its worth.

Splurge: Homage Boutique Bakery and Coffeehouse

A white-paneled house located on Ralston Street has been converted into the seamless Homage Boutique Bakery and Coffeehouse.

Along with Homage’s delectable lunch menu, their pastry selection is enticing. From their cookies to their croissants, the bakery’s dessert choices can make anyone deliciously indecisive.

The lunch menu averages at $8, putting all desserts at a fair price. Cookies cost no more than $2 and the croissants range from $4-$5.

Grab your choice of pastry and feel it melt in your mouth any time between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday.



By Dylan Smith

Conserve: Granite Street Eatery  

Although this option may be equal to the prices of my high when not in happy hour mode, Granite Street’s vibe and great happy hour prices have made it my favorite drinking spot in Reno.

The atmosphere is vaguely reminiscent of a brick barn located in the Midwest, but with the dark wood and candles that have now become common to the MidTown area.

With a half off beer and wine happy hour that lasts from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m., you will have no problem stumbling out of this bar on a budget.

Splurge: Singer social Club

This bar is, possibly, the most big-city-esque bar in the Biggest Little City.  Evocative of a high-class hipster bar that one might see when visiting Brooklyn or Portland, the Singer Social Club has nailed the high-class, quality cocktail, with all the fancy artistry that one could want when drinking.  Acting as a half art gallery, half bar, the SSC creates a beautiful ambiance for an after-work-drink, and there is live jazz every Tuesday and Thursday. Although the prices are high, the craftsmanship of the drinks and service make the experience worthwhile.


Late night dining

By Daniel Coffey

Conserve: Gold Dust West

If you’re the type of person that likes breakfast for dinner then Gold Dust West is right up your alley.

After midnight, GDW starts serving their famous $2 breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast. If it’s been an especially long night, double the portions for only $2 more. Unfortunately, you have to be 21 or older to enter the restaurant, but it is worth the wait for those who are not quite there yet.

Only a five minute drive from the university, GDW is your best option for a hearty meal that won’t break the bank.

Splurge: Golden flower

If you’re like me, then you’re craving big portions after a long night out on the town. Fortunately, Golden Flower has the best pho and Vietnamese food to satisfy your late-night cravings. Golden Flower is particularly tasty on those cold, winter nights when you can douse your hot noodles in Siracha to give it a little kick. On top of all the great food that Golden Flower already has, they also offer a special late night menu including my favorite item at the restaurant: the crab rangoons. The special menu starts at 8 p.m. every night of the week.


Grocery shopping

By Tyler Hersko

Conserve: Winco

It’s neither an original or charming locale, but what Winco lacks in hominess it more than makes up for with competitive prices and sheer variety. Although its alcohol selection is unfortunately limited, fruits, veggies, meats, fish and all of the other dining staples are both affordable and abundant.

The food may not be gourmet, but a starving college kid with a bit of creativity can muster up plenty of tasty dishes without breaking the bank. If you don’t have an hour to cook, the superstore’s “Lean Cuisine” dishes are highly recommended — microwavable dinners may have a bad rap, but “Lean Cuisine” meals cook fast, are low in calories and taste surprisingly good.

Splurge: Trader Joe’s

Although its somewhat distant location may inconvenience some, those with the will to make the trek to South Reno won’t be disappointed. It’s hard to go wrong with any of the store’s array of high quality fruits and lunchmeats, but splurging on the fresh fish and steaks absolutely blows just about everything else out of the water.

Looking for something else? No worries, Trader Joe’s’ famously friendly staff will be able to assist you in purchasing the goods to craft any recipe that your heart — and stomach — desires.

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