By Maddison Cervantes

Public Comment

Matthew Chang, vice president of Students to Abolish Sex Slavery, attended the Associated Students of the University of Nevada senate meeting on behalf of Marissa Crook of the College of Liberal Arts and SASS president.

Chang informed the senate of Walk with SASS, a fundraising walk that was hosted by the club on campus this past Sunday. The event’s proceeds will go towards the funding of the Graduate Record Examinations tests for local survivors of sex slavery.

Change stated that SASS’ original goal was to enroll survivors in classes at Truckee Meadows Community College. However, many survivors have not yet completed high school.

“I personally believe that education is one of the strongest methods of equipping survivors of sex slavery to better their own lives for the future,” Chang said.

Following up on the event, Chang stated that although there were not as many participants as the club had hoped for, they were satisfied with the amount of donations received.

The event raised approximately $240 towards GED testing for survivors of sex slavery.

Senate Committee Reports

Sen. Zachary Brounstein of the College of Engineering updated the senate on the Committee of Public Affairs. Because the committee has limited meetings left before elections, Brounstein stated that the members have all chosen a resolution for the committee to oversee.

Ryan Suppe, Sen. for the Reynolds School of Journalism and on the Committee of Public Affairs, added that the members chose resolutions that students would most likely want to be informed on.

The committee has been discussing changing alcohol culture on campus, and possibly converting Campus Escort into a Tipsy Taxi form of service, an organization that transports intoxicated college students, according to Sen. Nick Andrew of the Interdisciplinary Program.

Based on a discussion with Director Sandy Rodriguez of the ASUN Center for Student Engagement, the possible conversion from current Campus Escort regulations, which do not provide rides to intoxicated students, to ones more closely aligned with Tipsy Taxi, would be something that has to change on a Nevada statute level before it can change on a campus level. Andrew stated that Public Affairs will most likely pursue the conversion of Campus Escort during the next Nevada Legislature session.

Senate Bill

Senate Bill 82-45: An Act to Establish the Department of Programming Procedures Manual was introduced at the meeting by ASUN Programmer Sarah Byrnes.

The bill is expected to be a model for the future department. It will provide the programmers with a set of rules that they agree to be self-governed by.

However, the manual has made changes to the board such as lowering the number of programming interns from 10 to eight, which would remove the two assistant director interns.

After a few adjustments to the wording of the manual, the bill was passed with a unanimous vote.

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