By Alexa Solis

Gargantuan aliens, a spunky reporter and a boy named Timmy. Separately these elements may seem strange, but together they are the basis for “The Intergalactic Nemesis – Target Earth,” a live-action performance of an eponymous graphic novel.

In last Thursday’s third sold-out Performing Arts Series show, “The Intergalactic Nemesis” brought a unique blend of elements to create a narration of a graphic novel in the form of a radio drama. While that may seem confusing, the performance was actually an entertaining and interesting way to bring graphic novels to a larger audience.

Three voice actors and a soundscape created by a foley artist manufacturing the sounds of thunder, footsteps and much more gave  life to an exciting saga of intrepid humans looking to protect planet Earth from invading Zygonians, a terrifying breed of aliens bent on taking over the universe. All of the voice acting occurred in front of antiquated microphones while art from the graphic novel slid throughout the background. Though there were minimal performers for the live-action graphic novel, the actors managed to keep the audience engaged for the entirety of the show.

Audience members jeered when it seemed that all hope was lost, and that the villains were indeed going to get their way; however, their participation didn’t stop there. Laughter and cheers of approval rang throughout Nightingale Concert Hall throughout the night.

One of the greatest draws to “The Intergalactic Nemesis” is the constant stream of action. There was never a dull moment, and the audience’s response to the action was impressive for what can only be compared to a live radio show. That being said, the pacing and sheer amount of elements in the performance could be overwhelming at times. The entire show dangles at the mercy of balancing rivaling elements in the hopes that they don’t overshadow each other.

Intended to be immersive and unique, the breadth of material the performance uses to convey its message is just that. The production began by advising the audience to pick different elements throughout the show to focus on. In truth, that was the only way to take full advantage of what was happening on stage. Yet the show’s frenetic energy was made much more impactful through the vehemence and commitment of all involved.

The most impressive aspect of “The Intergalactic Nemesis – Target Earth” is how remarkably well the entire show comes together as a package. The concept is strange. How could so many competing images and action possibly work?

The answer is not a simple one, but with the actors’ full commitment, an open, receptive audience and every participant’s willing involvement in frivolous sci-fi fun it couldn’t possibly not come to fruition. With many quips, witty dialogue and the campy adventures of lovable characters, “The Intergalactic Nemesis – Target Earth” was the very definition of a crowd pleaser. Though the performance was last week, the live-action graphic novel can be found on YouTube as well as tour dates in other cities. More information can be found on

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