By Alexa Solis

Hats, chapeaus, caps —⎯ the topper has many names and many functions. Hats have been around for nearly as long as the civilizations of mankind, and for centuries they have been considered to be the pinnacle of fashion. Simply put, hats are a phenomenal addition to any outfit whether you’re just looking to spice up an outfit or protect your precious face from the harsh rays of the sun, and it has been that way practically since the dawn of time.

Now, why all of this talk about hats? Do people still even wear those? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, hats are making a comeback. Legend has it that President Kennedy killed the hat industry the day he was the first president to forgo a hat at his inauguration ceremony, though there a couple of other plausible reasons that hats began to go out of style. One of these reasons was supposedly World War II, where soldiers grew tired of wearing helmets all of the time.

Wild speculation withstanding, spring has sprung, and it is clear that hats are back despite JFK’s best efforts. The hats of this season are a contemporary take on classic styles. Regardless of whether you are into women’s or men’s fashions, hats look as if they are here to stay. Below is a preview of some of the most fashionable hats for this season, enjoy.


Though not a traditional fedora by any stretch of the imagination (think “Mad Men’s” Don Draper as a bench mark for the fedora), the modern incarnation of the ’60s staple is a stylish addition to the standard jeans and t-shirt ensemble.


Beauty queens and glamour girls rejoice, floppy sun hats are not only for hitting the beach anymore. They are now acceptable for daily wear as well. For a twist on the classic straw sun hat, felt hats of the same shape are a cosmopolitan take on the beach favorite.


Never did anyone think that bucket hats would be fashionable, but then came Spring 2015. Though the world has become a place where dads are accidentally stylish, that doesn’t mean the practicality of the bucket hat should be overlooked. Like the sunhat, the bucket hat is now a practical and now a stylish way of protecting skin from the sun.


No longer just for athletes or those wanting to hide a bad hair day, baseball caps are a great addition to a casual outfit. For a stylish take on the classic, make sure to look for a distressed, vintage style. The baseball cap is a fantastic fix for a casual summer’s day; however, beware of its uncanny ability to ruin a good hair day faster than 100 mph winds.


Similar to the fedora, but with a wider, flatter brim, the Panama hat is an essential piece of any spring wardrobe. With the weather heating up and the sun’s rays getting stronger, the Panama hat’s light color and weight makes it the ideal and least fussy choice for any person interested in some shade and style.

Alexa Solis can be reached at and on Twitter @thealexasolis.