By Ali Schultz

Summer is so over glorified. Sure, everyone loves tan lines, lazy beach days, sleeping in late and, most importantly, the obvious: no more of the endless responsibilities that come along with school.

There aren’t many students are jumping for joy at the thought of returning to class. That being said, students shouldn’t be harping on the workload that awaits them or the alarm clock waiting to sound. As college students, we should embrace the possibilities for the immense amounts of fun that are just around the corner.

Being down and out about school back in session is a waste of time. We could be anticipating all the fun things that await us in the dawn of the school year.

We will slowly be returning to routines and, yes, reality will inevitably set in. But for me, my favorite time of the year is just beginning.

Coming back to college means being presented with so many new and exciting opportunities, the dramatic reuniting of friends and the chance to get involved in our community once again. There is no season like back-to-school season.

Instead of being bitter that we are starting school, students should embrace all that our beautiful university has to offer us. Welcome Week, tailgates, rush, Joe BBQs — the events seem endless.

In the beginning of the year, our bleed-blue mentality is lifted to an all-time high once Homecoming Week rolls around. Students on campus are more prideful than ever to be able to call themselves a member of the Wolf Pack. Every night activities are planned out for Greeks and non-Greeks alike. Both camaraderie and a healthy sense of rivalry peaks between students when homecoming games are in session. The parade gathers all of Reno’s most prideful to extend their support for the Pack.

And who could forget the beginning of the year also holds the beloved Beat UNLV Week. Personally, this is my favorite event of the entire year. The week features burning our red clothing, a celebratory moon-off and, of course, suiting up for the best tailgate of the season. The beginning of the year is also the perfect time to sport our favorite “FUNLV” graphic tees.

Another thing students do not take advantage of are the countless BBQs, movie nights and other events that provide us with free food. What college student doesn’t appreciate the chance to take a break from ramen or instant mashed potatoes for a good old frankfurter or theater popcorn? These under-attended events are a great way to score some free grub while also allowing yourself to mingle with old friends and make some new ones.

Now, it would just be foolish to forget the free pancake night in the Quad. Everyone gets together to pregame the pancake extravaganza. Hundreds of our university’s students line up in the Quad to hang out and get a free stack of assorted pancakes. This is another fun night out with friends that seems to go unappreciated by those who don’t necessarily soak in the back to school spirit.

Summer events are great, don’t get me wrong. We have time off, there’s no homework and our open availability creates an illusion of never ending possibilities. After a while it all seems sort of redundant. During summer we see the same people, go to the same beaches and fall into the same routine.

Being reunited with our college friends and the excitement that college experiences undoubtedly bring beat any lazy summer day for me. We have Sundays for a reason, right?

I don’t see how anyone can be down in the dumps when our school year has infinite possibilities.

So I’ll pass on soaking in the sun and the three months without my college friends. I promise you won’t find me sulking and singing the school-day blues.

Summer is a thing of the past until next year; the Pack is back, and it is going to be a great semester.

Ali Schultz studies journalism. She can be reached at or and on Twitter @AliSchultzzz.