Photo Illustration By Farameitha Chaerani

Photo Illustration By Farameitha Chaerani

By Farameitha Chaerani

Set aside those passports and swimsuits and break out your planners and highlighters, because whether you’re ready for it or not, our lazy days lounging by the water are over. Now it’s time to get back on that school grind — in style, of course. Lately, the campus has been a mix of excited freshmen in short-shorts, sleepy super seniors in grungy, long-sleeved tops and everything in between.

Although it’s still technically summer, autumn is just around the corner. It’s never too early to start sprucing up your fall ensemble and begin transitioning from brightly colored blouses and tank tops to dark and neutral plaid button-ups.

Nothing says autumn is upon us quite like a classy dark button-up and some dark denim. Nino Pinneri, a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno, is the perfect example of transitional fall fashion with his sleek leather boots and fitted black denim pants topped with a dark red plaid button-up.

Don’t forget the details when planning your outfits. Wearing tops and pants that are properly fitted will flatter your form and can make a huge difference to your outfit. While guys like to get ready quickly in the morning, taking just a few extra minutes to pick out a nice button-up and well-fitted pants will go a long way with your outfit.

Instead of taking the easy route and throwing on a sports jersey and sweatpants, give this look a try this season. Opt for a pair of short leather boots instead of Nikes or switch your sweatpants for a nice pair of dark denim jeans. Glance through some GQ magazines for inspiration.

Plaid is a fall staple; it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your preference. For the girls going for a “transitioning into fall” look that will keep you cool when it’s hot out but still has that warm autumn vibe to it, add a plaid or any dark-colored button-up blouse over a crop top or bandeau and only button it up halfway. Then go for a pair of high-waisted shorts and thigh-high socks with a nice pair of ankle boots. Think Cher Horowitz from “Clueless” meets Effy Stonem from “Skins” when picking out an autumn-esque outfit.

Since summer isn’t quite over yet, and the temperatures are still quite high during the middle of the day, sundresses and sandals are a great way to keep cool when it’s warm. Light cardigans and jackets are also a great way to layer up when fall starts to kick in. If you’re not ready to give up summer yet, fear not! You can still rock sundresses for at least a few more weeks.

Holly Conanse and Kristel Suanes, both juniors, pull off these neutral-colored classic sundresses and simple sandals effortlessly. When wearing a sundress, always keep in mind leather backpacks match the best with any kind of dress, from high-low dresses that were trending in the spring and summer months to the simple sundresses that have taken hold until summer’s end. Leather backpacks will tie your look together, so make sure that the backpack you choose matches the style of the dress you’re wearing.

The great thing about transitioning from summer to fall is how comfortable and versatile you can dress. From floral dresses and sandals to thigh-high socks and boots, it’s easy to be creative with your look and find something that works for you. Happy fall semester!

Farameitha Chaerani can be reached at and on Twitter @TheSagebrush.