Syrian bomb suspect detained in Germany

Three Syrian men apprehended a bomb suspect on Monday, Oct. 10, in Germany.

The men told authorities they recognized the suspect from online wanted posters. They tied him up in their apartment and alerted the police immediately after recognizing the suspect.

Jaber al-Bakr, a Syrian native, was suspected of plotting an attack in Germany after local police found explosives hidden in his apartment on Saturday. al-Bakr escaped his apartment before police arrived.

Authorities confirmed the explosives were similar to the ones used in the recent Paris bombings. The explosives were destroyed on site by the bomb squad because they were deemed too dangerous to transport. Authorities had been searching for al-Bakr two days before the civilians apprehended him.

There is no evidence that al-Bakr is linked to the Islamic State, but authorities think it is likely.

“The behavior and actions of the suspect currently speak for an IS context,” Police Chief Joerg Michaelis told the Associated Press.

al-Bakr came to Germany last year along with 890,000 other Syrian refugees. The identities of the three men who apprehended al-Bakr have not been released for security reasons.


Hurricane Matthew leaves US, Tropical Storm Nicole moves in

Forecasters are currently keeping watch on Tropical Storm Nicole days after Hurricane Matthew ripped through the southeastern coast of the U.S. and the Caribbean.

The storm is about 900 miles east of Miami and is expected to evolve into a Category 2 storm by the end of the week. It could reach up to 100-mph winds by the time it hits Bermuda.

“Swells associated with Nicole and Post-Tropical Cyclone Matthew should increase on Bermuda during the next couple of days,” the National Hurricane Center told USA Today. “These swells will create dangerous surf conditions and rip currents.”

Hurricane Matthew is now considered a “post-tropical cyclone” moving away from the U.S. Matthew killed 10 people and caused severe flooding in the states it passed through. It also killed over 1,000 people in Haiti.

The National Hurricane Center also believes the tropical storm will not make landfall in the U.S. but could affect weather on the southeastern coast.


One dead after Sparks house fire

Firefighters responded to a house fire in Sparks on the morning of Monday, Oct. 10. After taming the fire, they discovered one person had died.

Authorities have not identified the body found in the aftermath of the fire.

Neighbors confirmed the fire engulfed the house and burned for a while. The fire took two ladder trucks and 26 firefighters to subdue.

“I came out, and his house was literally an inferno,” Erika Reza, a neighbor of the couple, said to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Reza has told the RGJ that an elderly couple lived in the house.

“They, at one point, from my understanding, tried to make an interior attack, but had to pull their people back,” Police Lt. Pete Krall told the RGJ.

The couple has resided in the house for over 10 years. The woman has been in the hospital, and the man was staying at the house alone. It is not confirmed whether the body is the man.