I am not a Trump supporter.

I also am not a supporter of damaging public property in any way.

Jamie Otis has admitted that he was the man who was seen smashing Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. He is noted as saying that he wanted to sell it to raise money for the 12 women who spoke up against Trump.

Since the star was vandalized, protesters have gathered around construction crews fixing the star. The protesters also verbally and physically harassed a homeless woman who was defending the star.

I keep trying to find the right way to write this because it’s a very complex issue that very well shouldn’t be. On the one hand, it’s upsetting to see so many people wasting their time by the Trump star instead of out doing something that matters. On the other, Trump needs to be stopped.

And it’s terrible we have to fight over a piece of metal and rock in the ground.

Why not go out and effectively change the vote? With the official Election Day just a few days away, why not put all of your effort into canvassing or volunteering with a political organization you support?

By ripping public property from the ground (no matter how much it probably shouldn’t be there), you’re telling the world Trump has already won. He’s getting in the minds of so many and making them think irrationally.

Instead of abusing a woman who’s defending Trump, why not go door to door and commit people to vote for another candidate?

It isn’t difficult to sign up to volunteer with an organization against Trump. Spending time going door to door or even holding a clipboard around campus and talking to students about the election would be an effective use of the crunch time before the Election Day.

For those who say that Otis rightfully ripped the star out to “raise money” for the women who accused Trump of sexual assault, why wouldn’t he fundraise in other ways?

In an age with so many online fundraising platforms, Otis would hardly have to lift a finger off the keyboard to start a GoFundMe for these women.

According to Business Insider, it’s going to take anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 to repair the star. While Otis hasn’t raised any money for these women, Hollywood is paying thousands for labor on Trump’s star.

What started off as vandalism then turned into a protest that got national coverage, making liberals look like savages.

Multiple news headlines across the nation depict the incident as liberal protesters beating a homeless woman, throwing punches and words alike.

This depiction throws pity votes to Trump, as people are forced to see these liberal protesters as irrational people.

The woman, who held up a sign saying “illegals” sleep in houses while homeless sleep on the streets, is now being sought after by Trump. A gift is supposedly going to be given to her when she is found for being brave enough to stand up to the liberals.

In short, there is no reason for destroying something that doesn’t even belong to Trump, something that Trump doesn’t have to pay to repair.

No, I don’t think the star should be there, but destroying city property doesn’t help the cause.

Volunteer with a political organization. Get people to register to vote. Get people to the polls. Get awareness out.

And as it has been said for years, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Take it in your own hands, and go out and vote against Donald Trump if you want to stop him.

Adrianne Owens studies journalism. she can be reached at alexandraschultz@unr.edu and on Twitter                               @NevadaSagebrush.