Dustin Congdon, the 18-year-old Reno native, set the pace for the Wolf Pack boxing team with a TKO in the third round. Nevada went on to sweep the University of Washington and the United States Military Academy on Friday, February 3.

Congdon was one of four Nevada boxers who went home with a victory last Friday night, and the only one to get the fight called early. Facing Francisco Lefors of USMA, Congdon came out strong and heated, landing punch after punch in Lefor’s body and head. After a brutal right hook in the third round to the side of Lefor, the fight was called.

“That was my third consecutive win, I’m really happy with it,” Congdon said. “I thought I was in it for the long run though, that kid was tough.”

Dillon Maguin, who happens to still be in his first career year of boxing, followed Congdon, and came out victorious after three rounds against USMA fighter Greg Smith. Maguin’s fight was scrappy, and showcased the young fighters heart in the ring, and brought him one more win to the resume. The young Nevada boxer showed lots of promise for not only his career, but the Nevada boxing program as a whole. He will be on the list for the Pack’s next contending in California, and he is a hopeful to fight.

Not far after Maguin, returning fighter Nate Strother received a unanimous decision victory after three incredibly vicious rounds with USMA’s Justin Cooper. Strother’s intense fighting style was his key to his victory, as his patience and perfectly timed punches got him the win. Cooper was also a fighter that showed many signs of potential, as his quick right jabs gave Strother a solid fight. The two fighters both had moments of brutal exchanges between each other, every single one getting a rise out of the crowd inside the El Dorado Casino. Yet it wasn’t until the end of the night that the audiences attention was captivated.

Nevada boxer Zack Smith took the unanimous decision win after three rounds with USMA’s top fighter, Josh Melendez. The two veteran boxers were contending in no question, the most physical fight of the night, as both boxers threw everything they had at each other. Even at the end of round one, both boxers were more than exhausted, and sweating and breathing profusely by the end of the match. Smith came out strong and fast early in the fight, having one-two hit combos that landed perfectly on Melendez. Melendez would retaliate with his quick feet and his ability to strike back on any sort of error made. Yet as the final bell was rung, Smith was declared the champion, and Nevada walked away undefeated on the night.

“We had a really good run today, and Zack has been working so hard all season long, its truly starting to show,” head coach Dan Holmes said. “Our team really focused today, but now we have a lot more to look forward to.”

With that being said, the team will take their victory, and pack up to prepare for their next big fight.

“I’m really looking forward to Army, That’s going to be one hell of a fight,” Holmes said. “We have a lot of young talent here, and I cant wait to see what they do.”

Nevada boxing will head to California, and a couple other locations along the west coast, to contend in their next match and showcase what their program is all about about.