Canada looks to legalize marijuana

A Canadian government official announced Monday, March 27, that it is looking to legalize recreational marijuana by July 2018.

The anonymous government official told the Associated Press the upcoming legislation will be introduced on April 10. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been promising to legalize recreational marijuana since he took office in 2015.

If the legislation passes, Canada would become the largest country to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide in the world.

“This will be done in a careful way to keep it out of the hands of children and youth, and to stop criminals from profiting,” said Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould in a statement, according to the AP. “In order to meet our commitment to legalize, the legislation will need to pass through the parliamentary process in a timely fashion.”

The legislation would allow anyone 21 years or older to carry 30 grams and grow four plants. It would not allow marijuana to be sold in the same places as alcohol and tobacco.


’Fearless Girl’ statue to stay in place

New York City’s mayor announced Monday, March 27, that the “Fearless Girl” statue across from the “Charging Bull” on Wall Street can stay through February 2018 instead of being removed as scheduled on Sunday.

The 4-foot, 250-pound statue appeared earlier this month to draw attention to the lack of women on corporate boards. It has quickly become popular worldwide and a tourist attraction.

“I see men and women as the yin and yang of society,” said the artist, Kristen Visbal, to AP. “They bring different things to the table. They solve problems in a different way. But we need to work together.”

The statue has been allowed to stay due to an art program through the Department of Transportation that manages the Wall Street area. However, some people are not happy about its extended stay.

Arturo Di Modica, the creator of the infamous Wall Street “Charging Bull,” wants the statue removed. He told AP his statue is “art” as opposed to the “Fearless Girl” that is an “advertising trick.”


Carson City honors police

Carson City introduced a different way for residents to honor the police officers that have fallen in the line of duty. The new program, “Shine Blue Lights,” encourages people in the community to put blue lights on their porch and/or business to show they support the police and respect the work they do every day.

Executive Director Ronni Hannaman of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce and Carson City Manager Nick Marano are working to launch the program before National Peace Officers Memorial Day on May 15.

There will be a kickoff event on May 1 in downtown Carson City to mark the start of “Shine Blue Lights.” They will be handing out free blue light bulbs to those who attend.

In the next couple of weeks, volunteers will be handing out blue light bulbs to businesses in the area that want to participate in the event and show their support.

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