For years, boxing fans clamored for a fight that many prognosticators believed to be a stylistic matchup that could rival that of the heavyweight fights from boxing’s golden age.


On one side, Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, more famously known as GGG, was a man who was dropping fighters left and right in boxing’s middleweight division. Golovkin is a pressure fighter who relentlessly stalks his opponents and bombards them with his fiery heavy-hitting fists. Despite having an undefeated record, his legacy has always been questioned because of the lack of a career defining win.


In the other corner, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, was a rising star in the boxing ranks, gaining the reputation as the sport’s next cash cow following the retirement of the likes of megastars Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Fighting since the age of 15, Canelo has been able to add the likes of Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley on his resume. He has dazzled with his boxing fundamentals, precision, and counterpunching. However, critics argue that he has never really defeated a quality fighter in his prime.


Unlike the disappointment that was Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, last Saturday’s fight

was an old-school fight of two A-level boxers at their peaks. Canelo and Golovkin are fighters that equally depended on each other in order to earn their right to be in the discussion as one of the sport of boxing’s greats.


The matchup itself lived up the hype as both Canelo and Golovkin had their moments where they imposed their strengths on the other.


Early in the fight, Canelo was able to keep the pressure fighter at bay with his counter hooks and shots to the body. It was a sight that was unseen for most of Golovkin’s career as he was unable to walk his opponent down as easily as he did against other fighters.

In the middle rounds, it seemed like Golovkin was able to flip the script and showed no respect for Canelo’s power. He seemed to be taking all of Canelo’s big shots without flinching. However, more importantly, he was able to deliver heavy shots of his own. For a while, it seemed like Golovkin was able to turn the tide and take control of the match.


As the final bell rung, one could argue for a decision that could have gone either way. As both fighters retreated to their corners, hands held high, the pro-Canelo crowd seemed to applaud for a performance that delivered and lived up to the hype.


The fight ended in a draw as the judges scored the bout 118-110 Canelo, 115-113 Golovkin, and 114-114. The fight was close enough and entertaining enough that a draw is the correct outcome.