A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck Oaxaca, Mexico on Saturday, Sept. 23, that was followed by a 4.5 magnitude quake later that same evening, making these temblors the second pair of quakes to hit Oaxaca, after a devastating 8.1-magnitude quake that struck last week.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a 6.1 magnitude quake can cause moderate damage to well-designed buildings and considerable damage to unstable buildings. Mexico Federal Police reported that a few highways were damaged and a bridge had collapsed.

The quakes that struck Saturday will be the third time Mexico was hit in the span of one month. CNN reports that rescue efforts in the Mexico City area could last “for at least two more weeks,” according to Luis Felipe Puente, Mexico’s civil protection coordinator.

Many people have lost their homes and continue to stay at shelters for support. According to CNN, millions initially were without power and local schools have closed indefinitely.

Organizations such as Public Good, are raising money in order to provide medical relief, build temporary shelters, and serving hot meals for those affected by the quakes. You can donate money to support these efforts on the Public Good website.



The retailer Target has announced it will raise its minimum wage to $11 in efforts to boost the wage to $15 per hour by 2020. Target says that the wage increase will be distributed next month among 100,000 temporary workers that are hired before the holidays.

As of now, Massachusetts and Washington are the only states in the U.S. with minimum wages at the $11 per hour mark.



After criticism over the City of Reno’s decision to keep private the results of an investigation into the conduct of Reno strip clubs, City Manager Sabra Newby moved to release the report last Friday. The release follows the city’s decision last week to move all strip clubs and other adult business out of downtown and into properly zoned industrial areas.

According to the report, investigators observed customer behavior, surveyed their surroundings, and checked for illegal activity. Drug use and illegal sexual activity were observed in two of the downtown businesses, Fantasy Girls and Spice House, as well as the only properly zoned business, Show Girls. The investigation found the four other businesses to be clean and well-run.

In a statement, Newby expressed the importance of releasing the report.

“To promote public trust and accountability, the City is committed to governmental transparency at all levels,” Newby said. “I feel it is important that the public and media have access to the report at this time, given that the City Council is considering new laws that may impact how adult businesses operate, and where they will be permitted within the City of Reno.”

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