Lil Traffic is an artist from right here in Reno, Nevada. He is starting to gain buzz around his name with constant performances that he’s done here in Reno as well as a solid body of work to accompany and elevate the live performances.

Lil Traffic started rapping in high school, where he got his footing. Since then, he’s dropped collaborative tapes with fellow Reno native Yung Milkcrate titledFast Lane,” a mixtape with his Plush Life collective titled “End of the World,” as well as his own solo mixtape release titled “Night Terror,” released through Ra
ü Records.

Some of his major single releases have been with his Plush Life collective members, such as Icy Dave and TheOnly1197. “I Wanna Be A SuperHero”, a track with Icy Dave, currently has around 180,000 plays on SoundCloud. “Doubted” a track Lil Traffic collaborated with Floyd on, produced by Soldado, currently has 153,000 views on SoundCloud as well. The body of work is there within the underground hip-hop scene, with the views to prove that, but he’s done much more than staying within the underground hip-hop sound.

His own releases have gained him some traction within the hip-hop community, but he’s also done collaborations with EDM artists that have really blown the door wide open for him. Most notably, his collaboration with Graves on the track, “Let Me Go” off of the Hilo EP currently almost has 1 million views on YouTube. Lil Traffic has also partnered with Jordan Comolli on a track titled “Clash” which currently has over 600,000 plays on YouTube.

With his constant releases and a solid body of work, he’s performed live all over town, starting off as an opener for acts that would come into town. Lil Traffic states that the South Side Suicide tour, that the headlining act was Pouya and the $uicideboy$, was really where things started to take off.

From there, he’s headlined his own shows here locally at venues such as the Holland Project, Golden Jackal and Potentialist Workshop. These shows generally get good crowds, as well as offering the most unique underground hip-hop show experience that you can find within Reno. The energy in the venue is unmatched, and it generally resembles movies how these concerts get down. Lil Traffic has also done shows in San Diego, California.

With headlining his own shows, he’s also performed at festivals. Most recently he performed at the Offbeat Festival, where he was on stage at Circus Circus. Prior to that, he took a trip to Reed College in Portland, Oregon, to perform at a festival that was headlined by Syringe. These festivals just further gained Lil Traffic exposure within the underground hip-hop community, and furthered his career as a legitimate artist.

When it comes to acts that are from the Reno area, it’s hard to argue against Lil Traffic being at the top. Considering his solid body of work spanning across multiple mixtapes and singles, as well as headlining his own independently thrown concerts, opening for major touring acts, and touring to different cities to perform there, Lil Traffic has a bit of traffic going on in his views and exposure, and he’s an artist that you need to keep your eyes on.