Two surfers were victims of a shark attack just hours between each other on the western coast of Australia on Monday.

The surfers were identified as Jason Longrass, 41, and Alejandro Travaglini, 37, who were merely a mile apart from each other when the shark attack occurred.

In a video obtained by Australian news outlet 9News, Travaglini is seen being airlifted to a nearby hospital for an emergency surgery. According to 9News, the shark bit both of Travaglini’s legs around 8:30 a.m. and hours later Longrass was bitten on the thigh by what Longrass describes as a 13 foot long great white shark.

“There’s a tooth that’s buried itself in my leg luckily removed  and he began to thrash on my board, and luckily my leg wasn’t attached to him,” Longrass said in an interview with 9News.



On Monday, President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen was forced to disclose the name of his clients during a legal battle over the fate of records seized by the FBI from Cohen’s office. Cohen’s secret client was revealed to be FOX News Host Sean Hannity.

According to ABC News, Cohen’s attorney attempted to persuade U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood to delay prosecutors from examining the records and electronic devices obtained by the FBI. The attorneys claim that they are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

“Michael never represented me in any matter,” Hannity said on his radio show. “I never retained him in any traditional sense. I never received an invoice. I never paid a legal fee. I had brief discussions with him about legal questions where I wanted his input and perspective.”



The Midtown district in Reno will be welcoming four new restaurants and valet parking, the Reno Gazette-Journal reports.

The new businesses are being developed by Tolles Development Company and Marmot Properties. Both developers signed tenants for seven properties located in Midtown last October and are projected to open for business this July.

“With the new apartments we’re bringing online and the new offices we’re bringing online and these new businesses, we think we’re just getting started here,” co-founder of Marmot Properties Eric Raydon told the RGJ.

Businesses include a German beer hall influenced restaurant, BrauHaus, Whispering Vine Wine Co., Food & Drink and the Emerson, that will serve beverages and light courses. Moreover, valet parking is already underway at the Stix complex and developers say that although the service is currently free, they are planning to charge customers for the $5,000 investment.