Photo credit: Conner Quinto//Good Times Santa Cruz

Fans of indie rock, mark your calendars for this upcoming Friday! On Aug. 10, Henry Chadwick will be performing with his band at The Saint as a part of their west coast tour, with local Reno band Pink Awful as the opening performance.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Chadwick is a multi-instrumentalist and singer with his newest album Marlin Fisher coming out on Friday, Aug. 31. The album, produced by Rob Schnapf and engineered by Brian Rosemeyer, is described as a balance between modern indie rock, garage rock and psychedelic sounds. Needless to say, Chadwick’s tunes are both imitative and engaging.

“I think a lot of [my] songs sound like they could exist in the 1990s, the 1960s, and in modern times simultaneously,” he said.

His latest songs, “Bag of Chips”, “Wrong Way” and “Change” can be streamed on Spotify, and will all be included in the upcoming album. He’s also released a motion-stop music video for “Wrong Way” and will be releasing another video for “Change” on Sunday, Aug. 12.

Having performed since childhood, Chadwick often circulates between instruments and will be showcasing his multi-instrumental talent on Marlin Fisher. His music is heavily inspired by music legends Courtney Barnett, The Strokes, T. Rex and The Kinks. As a result, his debut EP “Guest at Home” (2016) has caught the attention of several notorious publications, including Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, Huffington Post and more.

Yet Chadwick says that other music isn’t his only source of inspiration. He also finds that performing often allows him to express emotions that have been bottled up, and has even helped him through “sticky situations”. Subsequently, his onstage presence is incredibly captivating.

“I tend to feel more comfortable on stage then off, for whatever reason,” he said. “I think the ridiculousness of the situation makes it hard to take things too seriously.”

Don’t miss out on Chadwick’s first performance in Reno this Friday! You must be 21 or over to get into the venue, with a cover charge of $8.