Two students fell victim to robbery at gunpoint in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, Oct. 6.

After leaving Delta House of Pancakes, a pancake fundraiser at the Delta Delta Delta sorority house, Turner Gustafson and a friend were beaten and mugged on Nevada Street while getting into their car. Before the door could shut, an arm was put into the door to keep it from closing.

“‘Get out of the car and give me everything in your pocket’,” Gustafson told KRNV the suspects said to him and a friend.

The were three suspects in the incident, according to Gustafson in an interview with KRNV. As the first suspect said this to Gustafson, a gun was held to his friend by another suspect. A third suspect began stealing keys, wallets and phones from the boys while the first suspect began beating Gustafson.

“It just happened that quickly to where you couldn’t say anything or do anything — to where you were just helpless,” Gustafson said.

Gustafson was beaten and sustained a concussion, cuts and bruised ribs, according to KTVN. His friend was not hurt in the robbery.

After the suspect stole the belongings from the boys, the suspects returned to their car and drove off.

Gustafson warns of the dangers of walking in dark streets with small groups or alone at night.

“Travel in groups — more than two of you, Gustafson said. “Preferably four. Never by yourself, especially girls. Never by yourself. Be on the lookout.”

After the incident, University Police Services sent an automated message to students to provide safety tips to avoid falling victim to robberies, focusing on the fact that students should be aware of their surroundings.

“Be alert,” University Police Services wrote. “Look around you; be aware of who is on the street and in the area. Make it difficult for anyone to take you by surprise. Look and walk with a confident stride with your head up.”

At time of print, there is no information on the suspects involved in this incident, according to Reno Police Department Officer Travis Warren. Any details or information that could lead to the arrests of the suspects are urged to call Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900.