Smith responds to student comments on MyNevada 2.0

Chief Information Officer & Vice Provost for Information Technology Steve Smith addressed the Associated Students of the University of Nevada Senate on comments made by students on technology and softwares used around campus. Students made comments on both MyNevada 2.0 and Canvas.  

Smith said after the release of MyNevada 2.0 a majority of student comments were targeted of how not user friendly the software was. Smith further said the transition to My Nevada 2.0 was made because students had complained about My Nevada 1.0’s user friendliness. He later assured the Senate the Information Technology department will work to correct mistakes or develop a new software.  

Smith added students felt professors were not proficient on how to use Canvas. Canvas is a learning managing system that can be used for grades K-12 as well as higher education. Smith said teachers are not obligated to use Canvas, and can receive training if they decide to use the software. Professors currently using the software are not obligated to attend trainings offered, according to Smith.

Pack Internship Grant Program enters 5 years

Nevada Career Studio Associate Director Elizabeth Loun informed ASUN on the Pack Internship Grant Programs success for the 2017-18 academic year. The program has been working with ASUN for 5 years and is entirely funded by ASUN.  

The Pack Internship Grant Program gives the opportunities to 60 or more undergraduate students to intern with local businesses, nonprofit agencies and government agencies in the Reno/Tahoe Area.  Last year the program provided opportunities to 62 students, according to Loun. The 62 interns were chosen from over 1000 applicants.

The program has 61 positions available for the 2018-19 academic year and is expecting to see a rise in applicants from students in the College of Liberal Arts and College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, according to Loun.    


Rogaczewski takes position as CABNR Senator

Cory Rogaczewski was appointed by the Senate as senator of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources. He will work alongside Senator Aamir Aziz to represent CABNR.

Rogaczewski is a second year student on campus and presented himself to the Senate looking to work with students from other colleges in order for them to have an equal voice in the Senate. He identified the main issue CABNR faces if bridging the gap between students who grew up in rural areas and industrialized areas.

Rogaczewski also appointed himself to sit on the Committee on University Affairs and Committee on Government Operations.


Senate Vote to update the SAS to eliminate gender pronouns

Senators voted to update the Status of the Associated Students to accurately represent all senators by striking all gender pronouns in the SAS.

The change in language does not affect the duties of senators, but clearly accurately represents the duties done by all senators. Senator Andrew McKinney further added the SAS documents should be representative of all senators despite gender status.


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