Sheck Wes performing at Riff Sessions XL 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Wes’ new album, “MUDBOY”, was released on Friday, Oct. 5, and features hit singles like “Mo Bamba”.

Hell out of Harlem. That’s the way “MUDBOY”, by Sheck Wes, is described in Apple Music. Sheck Wes’ debut album “MUDBOY” released with lots of hype circulating around the record. Tracks such as “Mo Bamba” and “Live Sheck Wes” were breakout singles for the Cactus Jack signed rapper, but does the rest of the album live up to the standard of both breakout singles?

Not exactly, but it doesn’t detract “MUDBOY” being a great album. 

To start out, the instrumentals overall are well conducted, and used in the right context to accompany Sheck Wes’ unstoppable delivery to make the hardest hitting combination. The instrumental choices are a highlight of “MUDBOY”, from the melodic, infectious “Mo Bamba” to various others.

Both “Mo Bamba” and “Live Sheck Wes” fit in nicely in the track listing, but they also overshadow some of the other tracks if listened to outside of context. They’re still bangers, and will receive much more airtime in clubs and dance halls. Considering that “Mo Bamba” is featured on the brand new NBA2K19 soundtrack, the sky is the limit for the popularity of the track.

“Chippi Chippi” was the third major single that was released before the album. Using an emphatic flow, combined with a dark, eerie instrumental makes the track just melodic and perfect for a late night trip.

The track “Gmail” is another standout hit from the album listing. Any reference to Latrell Sprewell gets bonus points from me. The beat sounds as if it were in a late 90’s action game that you play as an all-destroying mech, and Sheck Wes’ delivery sounds like an unstoppable barrage of lyricism and just being right in your face.

The middle of this album isn’t anything to seriously write home about. “Kyrie” is a well rounded track. But much like “WESPN”, both tracks are good and solid, but don’t do enough on the verge of pushing the boundaries of the areas this album is trying to cover.

“Vetements Socks” sounds as if it’s a victory lap on the track listing. Being the last track on the album, this makes perfect sense. From the hazy, glorious beat that is uplifting as well as hard-hitting, to Sheck Wes’ slower, lazier delivery makes him sound like he just won a championship boxing fight. 

What you shouldn’t expect from “MUDBOY” is a non stop barrage of tracks such as “Mo Bamba”. Not every song on this album is going to be #1 on the charts. What you can expect from “MUDBOY” is a solid, consistent project that has breakout singles, and has tracks within the album listing that accompany the other songs to create a consistent project.

Overall, “MUDBOY” is a very solid, rounded project that doesn’t show any faltering from Sheck Wes. It’s not the best overall album, as this album doesn’t push the sonic boundaries that some of Sheck Wes’ contemporaries have done this year. But with the hit singles on this album, combined with the rest of the tracks being solid, this is an album that is definitely worth your time, and even your money.