Communication Departments shares new university website

Deaon Kolbet-Clausell Director of Web Development from Communications Department addressed the Senate regarding the new The project began in March 2017 and will launch on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

Changes will include a new design and a new look to the home bar. The new website will still have a home page geared towards prospective students, but will have a drop down menu to allow current students to easily navigate to web pages they may need to access.

The new website will feature more accessibility. The new website came after several ADA civil right lawsuits were made against the original The University of Nevada, Reno, is requiring all websites to be fully ADA accessible by March 2020.


DHS Senator Feil resigns

Senator Claudia Feil resigned from her position as Division of Health Sciences Senator due to studying abroad in New Zealand. Senator Feil said she will be back after her semester abroad and asked that anybody looking to take her position as Senator meet with her before she leaves.

Event Programmer TJ Christy resigns

Event Programmer TJ Christy resigned from his position in the Programming Department due to personal reasons.


President Jackson announces partnerships with Jewish fraternities, sororities

Hannah Jackson shared with the Senate that she was working with Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi sorority and Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity to bring anti-semitism workshops to the student body. The partnership is in light of swastikas carved into walls of residence halls near rooms belonging to Jewish students. The partnership will utilize the fraternity and sorority’s relationship with outreach programs to provide anti-semitic education to various groups on campus.

Vice President Bradley announces “He Named Me Malala” screening, panel

Vice President Carissa Bradley announced the “He Named Me Malala” screening will be taking place on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 6:00 p.m. The movie will be followed by a panel and discussion regarding the film and women empowerment. Admission to the screening in the Joe Crowley Student Union is free.

The documentary “He Named Me Malala” chronicles the life of Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai who advocated for children’s and women’s rights. After almost being killed by the Taliban for her advocacy, she became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize

Director of Campus, Public Relations announces more town halls

Director of Campus and Public Relations Mapuana Andrade announced that with Chief of Staff Matthew Dutcher, more town halls will be taking place during the spring 2019 semester.

The first Town Hall will address the top three concerns from the Town Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, which were ADA accessibility, sexual assault and anti-Semitism.


Bill passed to address concerns at ASUN Town Hall

Senator Claudia Feil presented her legislation regarding the comments and topics addressed at the Nov. 7, 2018 town hall. The legislation is directly taken from the concerns voiced by the students at the Town Hall, according to Senator Feil. The bill passed unanimously.

Bill passed to prioritize dining contracts

Senator Zachary Green presented legislation to prioritize certain aspects of student life when considering new dining contracts for students in the residence halls. The areas of prioritization will be sustainability, affordability and avenues for student feedback. The bill passed unanimously.

The university’s contract with different dining services on campus is ending in the coming weeks, allowing the university to explore different contact options. Multiple presentations will be made to the Request For Proposal Committee and they will then send their recommendation to Vice President of Student Services Shannon Ellis and President Marc Johnson.

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