The president, vice presidents and senator-elects of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada were sworn into the 87th session on Wednesday, April 16. President Anthony Martinez, Vice President Nicole Flangas and 23 senators took an oath of their respective offices.

Sen. Savannah Hughes elected Speaker of the senate

Sen. Savannah Hughes was nominated by Sen. Connor Doyle of the College of Liberal Arts for the office of Speaker of the Senate. Sen. Madalyn Watt nominated herself for the position.

The Speaker is required to manage Senate meetings.

Two of Sen. Hughes goals for this position are to implement a project tracker and promote decorum and professional growth. Sen. Hughes previously served as the Speaker Pro-Tempore on the 86th session. Two goals of Sen. Watt’s for this position were to keep senators accountable for their jobs and open channels of communications for students, faculty and community members.

Sen. Hughes was voted into office.

Sen. Murphy elected speaker pro-tempore

Sen. Hayley Collins, Sen. Keegan Murphy, Sen. Doyle and Sen. Watt were nominated by their fellow senators for speaker pro-tempore of the Senate.

The speaker pro-tempore is required to run the ASUN internship program and prepare for the next session.

Sen. Collin plans to work with NevadaFit to promote the ASUN internship program. Sen. Doyle plans to pair senators and interns who have similar goals together and college. Sen. Murphy plans to reform the ASUN internship process. Sen. Watt plans to hold interns and senator mentors accountable for their jobs.

Sen. Murphy was voted and approved into office.

Sen. Watt appointed parliamentarian

Sen. Izzy Westerman nominated Sen. Watt to the position of parliamentarian.

The Parliamentarian of the Senate is required to advise and interpret Robert’s Rules of Order. The position is appointed by the speaker.

Sen. Watts plans to keep senators accountable for their positions and has some knowledge of Robert’s Rule of Order from high school.

Sen. Watts was appointed into the position.

Sen. Harvey voted Academic Committee chair

Sen. Collins nominated Sen. Lauren Harvey for the Academic Committee chair. Sen. Harvey said she was qualified because she participated in the ASUN executive internship for the 86th session and was salutatorian of her high school. Sen. Harvey wants to give more research opportunities to different majors, implement a 24-hour study area in the Knowledge Center and encourage the Tutoring Center to expand their topics.

Sen. Harvey was voted into the position.

Sen. Prempeh voted Budget and Finance Committee chair

Sen. Murphy nominated Sen. William Prempeh for the Budget and Finance Committee chair. Sen. Prempeh previously was an ASUN legislative intern for the 86th session. He sat on budget and finance meetings weekly as an intern. His goals for the position are to increase transparency so students can look at the budget, unify the Budget and Finance committee and reform financial reviews.

Sen. Prempeh was voted into the position.

Sen. Doyle voted Civic Engagement Committee chair

Sen. Ava Banfer and Sen. Doyle were nominated by their senator peers for the Civic Engagement Committee Chair. Sen. Banfer previously organized events for cancer research funds in high school. She wants to bring more local non-profits and promote students to interact with their legislators. Sen. Doyle wants to advertise and use resources to outreach to local non-profits and bring an open discussion in front of the Joe Crowley Student Union or the Knowledge Center.

Sen. Doyle was voted into the position.

Sen. Supple voted Government Operations Committee chair

Sen. Dominique Hall and Sen. Tori Supple were nominated by their senator peers for the Government Operations Committee chair. Sen. D. Hall has previously reached out to previous chairs and wants to work together with the Attorney General. Sen. Supple previously was a judicial intern for the 86th session. She plans to hold her committee accountable and wants to condense and edit the Statutes of the Associated Students

Sen. Supple was voted into the position.

Sen. Westerman voted Public Affairs Committee chair

Sen. Abrahim Ahmed nominated Sen. Westerman for the Public Affairs Committee Chair. Westerman was a legislative intern for the 86th session when she was appointed as a Senator. When she was a Senator, she sat on the Public Affairs Committee meetings. Sen. Westerman wants to send resolutions and meet with legislators

Sen. Westerman was voted into the position.

Sen. Rogers voted University Affairs Committee chair

Sen. Supple nominated Sen. Jennifer Rogers for the University Affairs Committee. Sen. Rogers previously served on the University Affairs Committee during the 86th session. Sen. Rogers wants to restructure committee meeting and meet with underrepresented students.

Sen. Rogers was voted into the position.

Safety, Sustainability, and Wellness Special Committee chair

Sen. Vanessa Komanduri and Sen. Ava Banfer were nominated by their senator peers. Sen. Komanduri wants to better promote the recycling program and aims to keep the Student Health Center open on the weekends. She feels it is important to create a safer campus. Sen. Banfer wants to bring more sustainable practices onto campus and an efficient way for composting food waste.

The selection for this position was voted to be pushed back to next week.

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