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Student-run newspapers are vital institutions at universities and colleges across the country. Not only do they provide work experience for journalists in training, they provide coverage on university events and issues that may otherwise go uncovered.

Due to student-run newspapers’ affiliation with universities, there is a misconception that they must reflect their given university in a positive light. However, this isn’t the case.

Student newspapers reserve the right to be as critical of their coverage areas as any other news outlet. Student newspapers are just as much a legitimate news outlet as any other local newspaper. Many universities have tens of thousands of students enrolled. They can employ an additional several thousand in faculty and staff. Universities aren’t just schools. They are communities with people that need access to unbiased and independent coverage of the topics and events that affect them. 

The Nevada Sagebrush is an independent student-run newspaper, meaning we do not receive funding from the University of Nevada, Reno. The Nevada Sagebrush staff takes pride in the paper’s independence. This means pride in having the ability to write free of influence from outside forces, be they university or otherwise. 

The Sagebrush strives to publish coverage and opinions that is true and unbiased. That being said, our content may paint the university in a positive or negative way, but never in a way that was directed or coerced. This freedom from influence is a privilege the Sagebrush is grateful for, as it allows us to pursue stories that matter and need to be told.

The articles published by the Nevada Sagebrush are gladly open for criticism, but not censorship. It is important to maintain this independence in a time when student publications are consistently pressured to ditch their autonomy in return for funding.

The Nevada Sagebrush Editorial Board can be reached at or on Twitter @Nevadasagebrush