Elizabeth Warren speaking at Carson City
Jayme Sileo / Nevada Sagebrush
Sen. Elizabeth Warren spoke in Carson City about her campaign to become the president in 2020 on Wednesday, Oct. 2. Warren spoke about the wealth tax she wants to implement if she wins the position.

Presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared in Carson City on Wednesday, Oct. 2 as a part of her campaign trail across the U.S. Around 1500 people showed in support of her. 

Warren discussed her policies on rooting out corruption, restructure of the economy and the protection of democracy. She also talked about her plans for universal child-care and tuition-free college.

Sen. Warren, in regards to her plans on child-care, stated “I will make [the] Secretary of Education a public school teacher,” reinforcing her ideas on restructuring the values of Washington.

Her universal child-care plan would include universal preschool, as well as raise the wages of people working in child-care. In addition, she also talked about how she would make technical school, community college and 4-year college free from tuition, making higher education possible for those with lower incomes. This also prompted her plans on cancelling student loan debt for 95 percent of Americans. 

Warren’s campaign focuses on lifting the working class and making it possible for all Americans to receive an education, support themselves and support their families. 

As far as creating free education, Warren proposed a “wealth tax”.

This wealth tax surmises to a full, tax-free 50 million dollars. On the 50 millionth and first dollar, two cents will be collected. Every dollar after that would have a tax of two cents which, Warren claims, would fund her education plan and her plan to cancel student debt. This policy was very popular among Warren’s supporters.

During Warren’s speech, a few protestors entered the building and began shouting obscenities and making derogatory gestures to the crowd. A man holding a “Keep America Great Again” sign was able to get up onto the track above the rally. He yelled “Trump 2020!” and said before he was escorted by security, “You’re all communists! You should be ashamed!”

Nevertheless, Warren persisted. The senator carried on with her speech, hardly acknowledging the heckler. Warren’s supporters had her back—booing and chanting “Warren!” at the man above.

When the senator arrived at the Reno airport before the rally, she was greeted by approximately 15-20 Trump supporters, bombarding her with signs reading “Impeach This Warren”. The senator waved and smiled kindly at the protestors, looking unbothered as ever.

Overall, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign was nothing short of exciting as the people of Carson City witnessed her passion for education, politics, and the middle class. Her speech was full of hope and positivity for the future as she reassured her audience and said, “I’ve got a plan for that.”

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