An area full of people at a Jonas Brothers concert. There is a screen that shows Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas in blue, green and red suits. The lighting is all pink and the Golden1 Center logo is hung from the top of the arena.
The crowd at the Jonas Brothers concert in Sacramento, Calif. on Oct. 15. The group gave a moving performance of songs like “Comeback,” “Sucker” and “Burnin’ Up” at the Golden 1 Center.

Fans of “Camp Rock” and early 2000s teen boy bands were ecstatic to hear about new Jonas Brothers songs almost six years after splitting up. They were even more excited when the brothers announced that they would be hitting the road. They hit cities from Buffalo, N.Y. to Los Angeles, Calif. in their Happiness Begins Tour.

The closest the Jonas Brothers came to Reno was Sacramento, Calif. in the Golden 1 Center on Tuesday, Oct. 15, where they were welcomed by a crowd of around 17,000 people eager to see them perform. The roar of the crowd was deafening when the three brothers descended from the ceiling surrounded by fireworks and colorful flashing lights. 

They started off their concert with their song from the new album, “Rollercoaster,” the perfect opener with lyrics telling their story of hopping back on stage after all these years. 

They then threw it back to 2007 with their song, “S.O.S.,” giving their oldest fans a flashback to when they were all younger. The Jonas Brothers played many of their old songs such as “Got Me Going Crazy,” “Hold On” and “Paranoid.” They strived to play as many songs as they could, performing a mashup of the chorus from each of these songs and many others. Their bigger hits like “Year 3000,” “Fly With Me” and “Lovebug” reserved full length performances.

“We didn’t think anyone would care, tonight you care,” Nick Jonas said in a moving speech about returning to the stage with his fellow brothers.

Nick Jonas then performed his own song and his most popular one, “Jealous,” going back to the period of time when Nick flew solo. This showcased the time that the brothers spent apart and made the concert all the more nostalgic.

The three of them came back together on main stage by performing a song that featured Joe’s time as a singer with the group, DNCE. “Cake by the Ocean” brought a whole party to the scene with air dancers and confetti cannons.

After a short intermission, Kevin was risen to stage level playing piano and the soulful pianistic notes of “Comeback.” Nick and Joe followed with the lyrics. This song moved the audience the most, some brought to tears by the music’s power. “Comeback” embodies a return of genuity and humility to the music industry through the three brothers, a return of artists connecting with their listeners. The performance warmed the hearts of the many who listened. The song stands as a symbol of hope for the brothers’ future in new music.

Their most exciting performance was, by far, “Burnin’ Up.” They made use of real fire spewing from several different places on stage. Their most popular song during their old career was welcomed very well by the crowd almost drowning the music itself in their cheers. The whole stadium heated up from the hot air of the fire and the pure carbon dioxide expelled from the lungs of an enthusiastic audience.

The Jonas Brothers closed out their concert with their most recent, and quite possibly their most popular song yet, “Sucker,” ending on a happy and celebrative note while reminding fans that the Jonas Brothers came back after so long. The concert was ended on a notion of trust and hope between Jonas Brothers and their followers everywhere. People now wait eagerly to see what they do next.

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