Vincent Rendon/ Nevada Sagebrush A swastika was found in the William J. Raggio building on Thursday, Oct. 24.

On Thursday, Oct. 24 around 12 p.m. a swastika was found drawn on a bathroom stall on the first floor of the Raggio building at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

The swastika in the Raggio bathroom is not the first swastika found on campus this semester. On August 24, a swastika was found in Wolf Pack Tower, within a week of the tower’s opening. Additionally, pencil drawn swastikas which were found in the Church Fine Art’s art staircase on Thursday, Oct. 10. They were marked under a statement which read: “Make Racists Afraid Again”.

Marc Johnson sent out a student announcement on Thursday, addressing incidents of hate and bias on campus.

“Use of the swastika today is poisonous. It is a symbol of intimidation and hatred. This symbol is unwanted not only on our campus, but in all civilized places of gathering throughout the world. Every incidence of a reported swastika in a University facility is documented by the Hate and Bias Response Team and investigated by University Police Services,” said Johnson. 

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or any other incidents of hate and bias on campus, they are encouraged to report it to UNRPD.

This is a developing story. Check back with the Nevada Sagebrush for more updates.

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