Construction of Uncommon as it stands on Monday, Jan. 20.
Michala Matobina/ Nevada Sagebrush
Construction of Uncommon as it stands on Monday, Jan. 20. Students at UNR can expect two new off-campus housing options for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

Students at the University of Nevada, Reno, can expect two new off-campus housing options for the 2020-2021 academic school year. 

Canyon Flats student apartments has been under construction since September 2017 and is expected to hold up to 500 students. 

Students wanting to lease at Canyon Flats are expected to pay on average anywhere from $700-$850 a month. 

The apartments are located off the corner of 7th and Center Street, right across from Circus Circus where students are currently housed. 

The complex is expected to be opened in July 2020 with an early August move in date.    

Students can also expect to see Uncommon open in August 2020. 

Uncommon is a fully furnished apartment located next to the Little Waldorf Saloon on the north end of campus. 

Uncommon is owned by CA Management, the same company that owns Identity, Reno—a luxury off-campus student apartment—located off the corner of 15th and N. Virginia Street.   

The Uncommon websites says students living there are “vibrant” and stand out from the rest.  

“Here you can find a community, a sense of belonging, a sense of self-worth,” the website reads. “It’s time to step outside the box, and become the you, that you always dreamed of. At Uncommon all of this is achievable.”

Current Construction: 

The Leifson Physics and Chemistry buildings are currently under construction to undergo renovations and make the building ADA compliant. Both buildings will receive ADA compliant restrooms, research facilities, classrooms and modernized office spaces. 

The chemistry building is expected to receive an additional 1,778 square feet and the Leifson Physics Building will increase by 839 square feet.

The project is estimated to cost $23.4 million. 

The university is using a Construction Manager at Risk delivery method for the building. 

“[The Construction Manager at Risk]refers to a specific type of project delivery method as well as a contractual relationship between CM and client,” according to DesignTek Consulting Group, LLC. “If you engage a construction manager at-risk (CMR), the CMR agrees to coordinate, oversee and deliver your facility for a guaranteed maximum price. In this legal relationship, the CMR advises the client from the time of project inception, and acts as the general contractor.” 

Additionally the university is constructing the William N. Pennington Engineering building, and  is expected to be finished by summer 2020. 

The building will be have 40 faculty rooms, updated laboratories and a cleanroom. 

The new engineering building will cost $91.97 million. The State of Nevada has provided $41.5 million to provide students and faculty with better research opportunities. The university and private donors will cover the other $50.4 million.  

Under Design 

The university Gateway parking garage is currently under structural design. The garage is suppose to be opened by Fall 2021. 

The garage will be placed in the Gateway District precinct, located on the south end of campus. The Gateway District refers to 12 homes located near Interstate 80, Evans Avenue, Virginia Street and Ninth Street and the relocation or potential demolition of the homes. 

According to Facility Services, the parking facility will cost $29.5 million. 

In a prior report by The Nevada Sagebrush, Heidi Gansert, Executive Director of External Communications for the university, said the funding for the building would be coming from fees and potential private donations.  

Annually the university issues over 10,000 parking permits, and after construction there should be an additional 700-1000 parking spots. 

The structural design is expected to be eight stories high, according to Facility Services. 

 Additionally in the Gateway District, the university will be constructing a new College of Business Building. 

The business building is expected to cost $99.7 million. The new building will include updated classrooms, offices and lab space for students and faculty. 

“As the University’s physical campus extends out into the community, it’s a natural fit for the College of Business to occupy a building that will better allow university students and resources to connect with and welcome northern Nevada businesses,” Greg Mosier, Dean of the College of Business told facility services

Despite a push to expand in a recent report by The Nevada Sagebrush, the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents rejected certain aspects to the College of Business proposal. 

The College of Business Student Council proposed there be a cafe in the building, a business library and study rooms. All of which were rejected. 

Students can expect to see the building in summer 2023. 

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