Phil Gold via Creative Commons
A car double parked at a living complex is an example of the common frustrations born when residents don’t respect the complexes they live in.

I get it. I do. I am a double major with three jobs, an internship and a dog, but I still have time to be a nice human being. I currently live in an apartment complex close to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and some people suck. By suck, I mean they are selfish and lack basic courtesy. I do not want to come off as grumpy or disrespectful, but in all honesty, people are disrespectful to those around them. There are a lot of things to be mindful of to help keep where you live more welcoming for everyone.

Pick up after your dog

When people start seeing bodies showing up in their community, they start a manhunt for the serial killer. Slowly but surely, the bodies keep piling up and no one knows who is killing these people. Until one day the serial killer is caught and locked up in prison forever, hopefully. This is exactly what it’s like when you don’t pick up after your dog in your apartment complex. Dog owners will start talking and people will start keeping an eye out for the perpetrator. 

When you take your dog outside, pick up after them. No one wants to be walking to their destination and all of a sudden step in your dog’s poop. That can really ruin a person’s day. Especially someone who doesn’t have a dog. But coming from someone who actually owns and loves my dog, it’s ridiculous to see owners take their dogs out and watch them walk right past the FREE dog bag station. I’m sorry… is it too difficult for you to grab the FREE bag and pick up YOUR own dog’s poop? Be a good person and just pick up after your dog because it’s so disrespectful to those who actually care about their community and their dogs. 

Picking up after your dog might actually save you from being fined by the complex itself. The community starts watching more when they notice small turds popping up overnight. You might not think you will get caught but I’ve watched this girl walk her dog and leave without cleaning up after it THREE times. I only know this because my dog runs to the window whenever there is a dog outside. I swear the next time I see it happen I might actually go out onto the balcony of my apartment and call her out.

Pick up after your dog—your community will thank you. 

Learn how to drive

A big struggle I often find myself having is simply just by backing out of my parking spot to leave. When someone is backing out of a parking spot and is more than halfway on the road, that is NOT saying to keep driving behind the person backing up! If that person ends up hitting you, that will be YOUR fault. 

“But Rachael, I was running late”… Then do not be late. Leave early for work. It’s better to drive correctly and safely than assume you have more important things to do. If you actually are late to class or work or whatever, imagine how late you will be when you hit that person that was backing up way before you were even in their sights. Don’t be a jerk. Just let them out and chill out. 

Learn how to park

Going on with the topic of cars and driving in apartment complexes, learn how to freaking park. There are lines on the side for a reason. They are simply there to guide you on where to park. It doesn’t mean to park on the lines or over the lines. News flash: you’re supposed to park in between them. Shocker. I know. It’s driving 101.

The parking in my complex gets so bad, I decided to give my boyfriend sticky notes for Christmas so he could write road rage notes for people who don’t know how to park. If you’re worried about someone hitting your car, I’d be more worried about the mean notes people might be leaving for you. 

Parking is super simple and one of the first things you learn when you are learning to drive. Don’t make your parents regret you getting a license. Especially with you being in college. If you are worried about where you park or potential damage to your car by other people who also don’t know how to park, purchase your own covered parking space if your apartment complex allows. If you like parking with lots of extra room, purchase two spots. But don’t act like your car is more important than anyone or anything around you. Because in reality, no one really cares if something happens to your car if you’re parking like a jerk. 

 All In All

Being a courteous person isn’t a hard thing to do. It takes us back to the Golden rule our parents hopefully taught us all. Do not do things to others that you don’t want to happen to you. Don’t want to step in someone else’s dog poop? Then pick up after your dog. Want to back out peacefully? Then stop for the person actually trying to get out of the parking spot. Want to park with zero fear? Then park correctly. It’s so simple being a good human being. Some might even call it common courtesy.  

Rachael Jones can be reached at and on Twitter @RachAJones99