Several derogatory tweets from Associated Students of the University of Nevada Club Commissioner and Presidential candidate Andrew McKinney were sent to the Nevada Sagebrush by readers on Friday afternoon. The tweets included homophobic slurs.

A tweet from Andrew McKinney’s twitter account, reading “no I’m not a h***”.
A tweet from Andrew McKinney’s twitter account, reading “Homecoming is for f***”.

In a request for comment, McKinney provided the following statement to the Nevada Sagebrush:

“I would like to begin by expressing my sincerest apologies, especially to the marginalized groups that I have disrespected with my choice of language. This language was never acceptable, is never acceptable, and will never be acceptable. With maturity, I have come to understand that. The tweets brought forward are not an accurate representation of who I am as a person. Beginning my freshman year, I have stood up for what I believe in. While I was a Nevada FIT Mentee, I stood up against white nationalism at the first ASUN meeting I attended. During my sophomore year as an ASUN Senator, I wanted to make ASUN a more inclusive space for all students. This led me to create a Senate bill to eliminate gender pronouns within our governing documents to create a more inclusive environment for all students. In my junior year, I attended a controversial Turning Point USA rally. I went and listened respectfully to opposing views from my own in order to have productive dialogue and initiate actionable change. I understand all of my efforts are not an excuse for the hurtful language I used in my past. However, I am not the same person I was at the ages of 13 and 15. I understand that I am privileged as a white, straight male, and I will never be able to fully feel the impact that these words have on an individual. I am constantly trying to learn, grow, and better myself.”

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