We judge books by their covers, and we judge one another by our covers as well. The things we use to present ourselves, like our clothes or hairstyles, can be powerful tools for expression. They also form a basis for others to make judgments about our personalities. One cover we might overlook is our decor, but how we decorate the spaces we occupy reveals a lot about us—even if we don’t mean it to. 

Everyone has a signature piece of decor. It’s the thing other people always notice when they come to visit. Sometimes it’s a furnishing or decoration we don’t even mean to stand out; it just does. Based on your signature decor, we can make some basic estimations about who you are.

Tapestries/salt lamps

People constantly misunderstand you. You spent hours constructing an elaborate lighting system, coordinating linen colors and accent rugs to make the perfectly welcoming room. Yet, people only notice your salt lamp, your tapestry or the sweet smell of sage burning in that shell thing. They notice your affinity for mysticism, but not your appreciation for creating a cozy environment and your keen eye for detail. 

Pop culture thing

Often, you feel like people somehow manage to figure you out. After all, you have 30 different Funko Pops on the shelf, how did they figure out you identify most with Deadpool? First of all, you subconsciously put it in a place where it would naturally stand out. Secondly, it’s incredibly obvious based on the 30 Funko Pops, litany of comic book movie posters and multi-colored lights haphazardly strung on the wall that you’re both self-aware of your love for fun things and oblivious to how snugly you conform to society’s marketing efforts. That’s okay though. Being a little bit predictable makes you easy to get along with. 

Absurdly nice piece of furniture 

You’re the opposite of a perfectionist, but are still full of surprises. People wander into your room and are fully whelmed by your Target brand furniture. Until, all of a sudden, they notice your beautiful, ornate 19th century wall mirror hanging above your Ikea desk. There’s a shroud of mystery surrounding both you and the piece of decor. People want to know if there is more to you than meets the eye—surely there is an absurdly nice part of your personality within you too. 

Intensely sentimental object

You’re the king/queen of oversharing, and anyone who walks into your room already knows way too much about you. It becomes impossible to look away from the snow globe or other chotchkies positioned in such a way that makes it obvious you stare at it at 3:30 in the morning and think about better days. When someone asks about it, they are reasonably sure you’ll regale them with a deeply personal story about what it means to you, and for that reason they’ll never ask about it.