The four story Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago, Illinois.
Andrew Mendez / Nevada Sagebrush
The four story Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago, Illinois. There are six Reserve Roasteries worldwide.

Students. We are a mix of caffeine addicts, workaholics and huge balls of stress. How do we cope? Well, we don’t. We instead find the need to work and produce more assignments every week and we fuel our lack of energy with coffee. 

When I visited Chicago on a recent conference trip, I found the place every student wished they could have at all times: a four story Starbucks.

Y’all might say one story is enough, but you’re wrong. Imagine four stories of coffee, food, alcohol and open access wifi all in one building. It seems impossible, but it exists. 

Each floor had its dedicated section. Floor one was coffee, floor two was food, floor three was an essential coffee bar and the fourth floor was a cocktail bar. 

The joy I felt walking in was magical. I almost wanted to cry. I got to taste new flavors, reserved flavors of coffee and have a nice meal. 

The one thing I was thinking was “if I had my homework here, I would never leave.”

As students we all want everything in a convenient location so we can get our work done, but with there being a specialty place for almost every product, we don’t get that luxury. 

Starbucks seemed to solve this, but there are only six of these glorious locations worldwide. 

Three of them are in the United States—Chicago, Seattle and New York. 

The magic of walking into one of these locations is more than words can fit. 

You have to see it for yourself.  

Andrew Mendez can be reached at or on Twitter at @AMendez2000.