Ben Torvinen, wearing glasses and a light washed denim jacket, sitting down by a keyboard and holding a microphone.
Ben Torvinen performing at the Wolfstock Comedy Show on Wednesday, March 4 at the Joe Crowley Student Union. Ryan Freeberg/Nevada Sagebrush.

The Wolf Pack Comedy Club put on their very own “Wolfstock” comedy showcase on Wednesday, March 4 at the Joe Crowley Student Union with local comedian Bobby Benedict as their special guest

Friends, students and comedians alike packed inside room 323 for a night of entertainment and, of course, lots of laughs. Seats were filled up and many attendees stood in the back, which made it clear that almost everyone in the room needed a carefree evening to unwind after a long day.

And that’s exactly what The Wolf Pack Comedy Club did. 

The night kicked off with sets from 10 club members, each around five minutes. Even though the event was held in a conference room instead of a theatre, it didn’t stop the comedians from making a great entrance. Before each person began, they would enter through a side door—backed by an encouraging round of applause from the audience. 

A lot of the night’s performers discussed similar topics, but they all added their own unique commentary, which was refreshing to witness. Many interpreted the sagas relating to their own navigation of dating apps along with the hardships of the college experience in general, which many audience members related to—as seen through all the cheers and head nods. 

Some even provided their own takes on the world around them, with politics and the coronavirus being the most popular in that category. A little bit of musical comedy was also implemented in the set, which was a fun way to deviate from the stand-up act for just a moment.

After the student comedians each had their moment to shine, Benedict stepped in and ended the show on a high note.

Right off the bat, it was clear that Benedict was a seasoned pro, as he didn’t seem to have any nerves whatsoever. In a short amount of time, he covered all kinds of topics from certain comments he gets about being tall to sharing fun facts about pigs, but the subject that received the most memorable churn of laughter had to be his elaborate, lengthy story about realistic-looking cakes. 

What was most impressive about each set was how the comedians took full advantage of the short amount of time they had to showcase their talent.

Many would assume it’s difficult enough to perform in front of many people, but the added element of performing brief yet impactful sets must be even harder. Because of their time constraints, many who covered a few different topics made abrupt transitions—mostly from unrelated subjects, which made their delivery even more hilarious.

All in all the night was filled with fun moments, and the supportive environment made it even more enjoyable. 

Make sure to follow The Wolf Pack Comedy Club on Twitter @UNRcomedy as well as on their Instagram @unrcomedy for more information on their upcoming events. 

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