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Dominique Hall was elected to ASUN President on Tuesday, March 12. Hall is the first black women to be elected ASUN president.

The Nevada Sagebrush will be updating with results of the ASUN 2020 elections. The election will decide the next President, Vice President and Senate of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada.


Dominique Hall, 1843

When asked about the presidential candidates and their online presences during the campaign, Hall said, “I think it affected it a lot. I think students are watching. I said this from the beginning: thousands of students are watching online. They know if you’ve had a bad past and they know if you’re a good person and I think this really affected it.”

Current ASUN President Anthony Martinez called the win for Hall a “huge precedent”.

“There is a lot of opportunity for students of color and I think that’s huge,” Martinez told the Nevada Sagebrush. “It shows even more that there are opportunities for females here in student government and there’s opportunity for low income, first generation, sexual assault survivors and I think that’s what we need. Because we have seen in the senate when we have this, not only diversity, but you can always have inclusion and when you have both, you have something so beautiful. I can’t wait for that. I won’t be here to see it, but I know it’ll do great things.”

Hall ran against Andrew McKinney, who is currently an ASUN club commissioner. He received 1,564 votes. McKinney’s campaign manager Darwin Snyder said “it’s not the end of the world”.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Snyder said. “We’ve got bigger things to deal with right now—with the coronavirus, school, whatever is going to happen so there’s just different things to focus on right now. And also even if they had won, they’re not in for a month or so it’s not like anything is going to be immediate.”

Vice President

Austin Brown, 1626

Claudia Feil, who had campaigned with McKinney, received 1,569 votes.

College of Science:

Gabriel Lopez, 257 

Emily McElhoes, 349

Abrahim Ahmed, 281

Edward Stoddard, 275

College of Liberal Arts:

Conner Doyle, 404

Zane Taylor, 364 

Kate Torres, 313

Lauren Harvey, 351

Victoria Supple, 354

College of Engineering

Joshua Luers, 221

Steffany Yang, 313

Edwin Casildo Rios, 251


Matthew Nugent, 142

Cecilia Romero, 152

College of Business

Jacob Bourgault, 352

Corey Huber, 433

Keegan Murphy, 434

Reynolds School of Journalism

Vanessa Ribeiro, 141

Ballot Questions

Also on the ballot were two ballot questions. The first question, if passed, would have changed all gender pronouns in the Constitution to of the ASUN with position titles. 2241 people, or 62 percent, voted yes. 1107, or 31 percent voted no. The ballot question needed 66.66 percent or two thirds to pass, meaning it did not pass.

The second ballot question, if passed, would have lowered the GPA required to be a part of ASUN from 2.75 to 2.5. The ballot question got 1691 votes, or 47 percent, yes. 1673, or 47 percent, voted no. Six percent, or 222, students voted no.

Candidates in italics are running for re-election.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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