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Great Basin Hall as it stands in Aug. 2018. Students living in residence halls are asked to move out by Wednesday, March 25 due to the coronavirus.

The University of Nevada, Reno’s Department of Housing and Residential Life announced all students living in residence halls will be required to move out of their rooms between Friday, March 20 and Wednesday, March 25.

The LLC, Manzanita, Peavine, Sierra, Wolf Pack Tower, Canada, Great Basin and Juniper are required to move out. According to the university’s website, Ponderosa Village Apartments residents will be allowed to stay.

According to the Housing Department, students will receive two separate emails on Thursday, March 19. The first will include details about checking out of their rooms and instructions. The second will allow students to sign up for a specific date or time to check out. The second email will also be sent out by the specific building’s resident directors or graduate resident directors.

The check out times will span from Friday, March 20, to Wednesday, March 25. The university claimed the appointment times were needed in compliance with social distancing.

If students are unable to move home or back to their permanent addresses, the housing department is allowing students to request to stay in the residence halls for the remainder of the semester.

“We are committed to honor the license agreement for these students and provide housing and dining options until the end of the semester (May 13, 2020),” the website reads. “For this reason, if you must remain in housing or the remainder of this semester, as you have no place to go or are unable to get home, please complete this 30-second request to stay form by Saturday, March 21, by 5 p.m. Students who receive approval to remain on-campus will likely be relocated to other on-campus housing.”

According to the university’s website, students needing transportation from the residence halls to somewhere off campus can call or email housing to submit a request to get emergency funds.

“This is separate from emergency funds available from the Dean of Students; and by utilizing one set of funds, you are ineligible to get additional funds from the other office.”

Students living in the dorms, with a meal plan, are expected to receive a partial refund of their meal plan, according to the university website. Dining options for students with meal plans are currently limited due to campus closures.

“With respect to campus housing, however, residents remain financially responsible for their housing assignments even if they are off-campus,” according to the website. “Because the residence halls are open, all of the financing, utility, personnel, and other operating expenses continue. Further, housing assignments are made based upon semester or annual contracts; there are no established weekly or monthly options or rates.”  

Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all “non-essential businesses” and casinos to close on Tuesday, March 17. In accordance with the order, the university decided to suspend procedures of nonessential employees and operations by Wednesday, March 15 at 5 p.m for 30 days. 

In an email from President Marc Johnson on Wednesday, March 18, it was announced that the university would be closed until further notice. This includes the closure of most buildings. 

“COVID-19 presents us with unprecedented challenges,” President Marc Johnson said in an email to all students. “It is requiring us all to modify personal behavior, to lessen our interactions in large groups and public places, to re-think how we work and how we deliver services, and to practice social distancing. We must continue to be vigilant in all of our efforts on these fronts.”

Students living in residence halls are asked to direct questions about the move-out process to the housing department by calling (775) 784-1113 or emailing

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