Shannon Ellis speaks about CARES Act funds

Vice President of Student Services Shannon Ellis spoke to the Senate about the $7 million received by the university through the CARES Act. She said that the amount of the money was determined by how many students at the institution receive a Pell Grant. 

In order to be eligible for the funds, a student must be a U.S. citizen, be enrolled in a degree program as of this spring, must be in good academic standing, and must have been taking a mostly in-person schedule this spring. 

Ellis shared that 60%, a total of $4.2 million, of the funds were reserved for Pell Grant eligible students. Another 25%, or $1.8 million, was set aside for students who had lost their main source of income. The remaining 15% will be set aside to be given to students in the summer who might run into any unforeseen circumstances. 

According to Ellis, over 5,000 students had been awarded money as of May 6, amounting in $2.25 million already awarded.


President Hall speaks about the new budget

President Dominique Hall shared that she had met with Dean of Students Kim Thomas to begin work on the emergency housing fund. She shared that she had also met with President Johnson about the CARES Act and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s phase plan for COVID-19.

Hall also shared that she planned on meeting with the IFC, NPC and NGC about establishing the Greek Life Coalition. 

Hall also spoke about the budget, which was approved later during the meeting. She shared that she took the required budget cut scenario required by Governor Sisolak into consideration. She said she also took into consideration possible lower enrollment and the effects of social distancing on student engagement programs. The budget takes a 10% cut in funds into consideration.


The Office of Commissioner for the Department of Clubs and Organizations

Director of Clubs and Organizations Nolan Lanza nominated Autena Asefirad, Malaya McCoy, Sebastian Meza, Shaun Mabanta, John Donohue, Charles Dunn, Justine Pereyra and Glenn Taylor to the office of commissioner for the Department of Clubs and Organizations. All were approved. 

The Office of Programmer for the Department of Event Programming

Director of Event Programming Wes Fullmer nominated Ricardo Galavis, Rey Keene-Gutierrez, Vanessa Komanduri, Emily Leech, Ashley Parenti, Benjamin Reynolds, Madison Romero and Maria Zamudio to the office of programmer for the Department of Event Programming. All were approved.


Senators approve the budget for FY 2021

Senators voted unanimously to approve the budget for Fiscal Year 2021, which amounts to a total of over $2.6 million. 

Senators approve a resolution in support of protected bike paths

Senators voted unanimously to approve a resolution in support of creating protected bike paths in Washoe County. The resolution will be sent to the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, Nevada to be used in their Regional Transportation Plan.

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