Isaac Hoops/Nevada Sagebrush A student on campus wears a mask.

In a student announcement on Monday, Sept. 14, the University of Nevada, Reno announced the would continue using the HyFlex model through the winter and spring of 2021.

“We are quickly approaching the point in the semester when you will need to choose your 2021 wintermester and spring semester courses,” the announcement read. “To help you with these decisions, we want to inform you that the University will continue to offer courses through the modalities that we are currently using for the Fall 2020 Semester through the end of Spring 2021 Semester.”

According to the HyFlex model, classes with enrollment capacities of 35 or more will be taught fully online. Classes with enrollment capacities of 34 or less will be taught in an alternative mode, where some students will attend class in-person for some class sessions, and be remote for others.

The university is allowing students to request 100 percent remote instruction for the spring, as was done in the fall.

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