President Brian Sandoval discusses gym closure, fees, spring break

University of Nevada, Reno President Brian Sandoval thanked everyone for letting him speak to the Senate. As of the meeting, he has held the position for two weeks. He grew up in Washoe County and graduated from the university with an English major. 

“It’s important that every student on this campus feels connected, feels welcome, feels safe,” Sandoval said.

Senator Torres asked if there is any way for students to receive a refund for lab fees and gym closure fees.

President Sandoval apologizes for closing the gym. According to Sandoval, 1in 9 cases in Washoe county come from this campus. 66 cases trace to the gym. 30, of those students, were infectious when they were there, he said.

“My obligation as President is for the health safety of our students and staff…There will not be a refund since it still will be available,” he said. 

President Sandoval said there will not be a refund for lab fees since most courses had completed their labs by the time Fall Break occurs.

Senator Lambert said one constituent said instead of canceling spring break was to put 5 days throughout the semester for students’ mental health that they cannot travel too. President Sandoval said it was a difficult decision to change spring break but it was to protect the health and safety of students. There are discussions on changing the spring break decision but President Sandoval said he also has to discuss this with faculty. 

“Please continue to give us ideas,” Sandoval said. “We want to hear them and maybe implement them.”

Senator Yang asks for clarification that during the extended break, the UNR campus will not be closed. President Sandoval confirmed this and said students in residence halls will have an option to stay. Additionally, the Joe Crowley Student Union and the Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center will remain open. He said university administration plans on sending another email clarifying this better. 

Vice President Brown advises President Hall not to hire a Director of Programming

ASUN Vice President Austin Brown spoke during public comment and strongly advised ASUN President Dom Hall not to hire a Director of Programming. He feels the money should go to student support funding. Vice President Brown supports hiring programmers to do small-scale programming events on campus instead. 


Zane Taylor resigned from his position as Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and his chair on the Committee on Democratic Civic Engagement. He said in his resignation statement the current administration has taken a toll on his mental state. Taylor claimed the integrity ASUN had in previous years is not being upheld. 

“Senators turn on each other and the students and the President of the Association turn their back on the students and their cabinet more times than I can count,” Taylor said. “Mentally, I am exhausted and thought it best for myself that I respectfully leave the Association.”


President Hall plans budget meeting to allocate ASUN budget

President Hall, Vice President Brown and Sandra Rodriguez will be allocating a budget to help front desk and resident assistants losing their jobs after President Sandoval announced all courses after Thanksgiving will be conducted online. 

When discussing the issue regarding refunds for gym fees, President Hall said the gym fee is an operating fee, not a membership fee. The cost will be ongoing no matter if the gym is closed. 

Finally, President Hall said Reno City Council approved a $73,000 grant for Pack Provisions. With the funding, she’d like to see Pack Provision purchase a van to deliver food further than a 3-mile radius. She also hopes Pack Provisions can now help students residing in different cities such as Las Vegas and Sacramento. 

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Bajwa apologizes for National Coming Out Day video

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Bajwa said the Proud to be Indigenous event will be delayed until November. The department is also currently in the works of a town hall. 

Pride said the National Coming Out Day video done by the Diversity and Inclusion Department was “tone death” since it invited people outside the LGBT community to speak about coming out. Bajwa apologized if the message came across that way.

Director of Campus Wellness Samuelson discussed flu shot clinic

Director of Campus Wellness Parker Samuelson said they are continuing to help conduct interviews for the clinical director search. There will also be a flu shot clinic outside the student union on Wednesday, Oct. 21.