Donald Trump holds rally in Carson City

Photo courtesy of Isaac Hoops/The Nevada Independent
President Donald Trump holds rally in Carson City, Nev. on Sunday, Oct. 18.
October 18, 2020

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19 5:40: 

The president ended saying Nevada should prepare for technological and industrial development. He added the development will keep jobs in the US and out of China.

The majority of Trumps speech was focused on other states and national issues rather than focus the rally on Nevada issues.

Trump encouraged people to vote and invite others to vote. He reinforced his stance on law enforcement, the economy, healthcare and foreign policy.

“Proud citizens like you helped build this county,” Trump said. “We are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. We are one people one movement and one family… We have made America powerful again. We have made America strong again. We have made America proud again. We will make America great again.”

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19 5:30: 

The president said he “likes hispanics” and he has done more for the Latino community.

The president said votes already casted for him come from Latinos.

In a report by the Pew Research Center showed Latinos are more likely to support Joe Biden in policy related to the pandemic, unity, foreign policy, law enforcement and economic policy.

“About two-thirds of Latino registered voters say they are somewhat or very confident in Biden to tackle five issues asked about in October, with confidence in Biden higher on every issue since June,” the report read.

However, Trump said he has the Latino vote by appealing to the community through social issues like pro life.

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19 5:15: 

Black Lives Matter was another topic the president  touched on. He said he supports law enforcement, but added some people “choke” on the job.

However, he said he understands the struggle they face because they have a “quarter of a second to make a decision”. The president was referring to the recent deaths of African Americans like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

He added the Black Lives Matters protest in Nevada led to the death of a police officer in the Las Vegas and destruction in Reno. Trump said those who partook in rioting and looting are anarchist.

Trump said, Biden’s policy on law enforcement leads to looting and riots.

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19 4:52:

The president touched on the continuous forest fires in California which have taken place over the past couple of months.

He said there needs to be better forest management to reduce fires.

‘They have to manage the forest,” Trump said, “Manage it; it’s called forest management.”

According to California’s wildfire report, there are 20 fires still active in the state; 12 of which are classified as “major incidents”. The report added 7,700 firefighters are currently on the frontlines.

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19 4:36: 

“Joe Biden is from a failed and corrupt political class,” Trump said.

The president said former Vice President Joe Biden did nothing for the country in his 47 years in politics. He added Biden’s corruption spans out to his family.

Although he criticized Biden’s campaign policies he said he respects the Democratic party’s unity.

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19 4:20:

The president said his campaign is leading at the polls in Nevada since early voting started Saturday, Oct. 17.

Trump said there will be coronavirus vaccines coming and urged rally goers to convince the governor to open up the state.

“The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself,” Trump said. “When you vote for me prosperity will surge… the pandemic is rounding its turn. We want normal. We want to be where we were seven mo the ago.”

Trump added if reelected 2021 will be the “most prosperous” economy.

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19 4:20:

The president has arrived at the Carson City Airport. The crowd cheered and celebrated the president’s arrival.

Trump began to talk about the early voting and said there will be a “big red wave” on election night.

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19:

Rally goer Odette Kote immigrated from the Philippines, and since becoming a citizen, she said Trump is a great president.

Kote said Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was the best way to handle it.

“I know people say ‘no he did a bad job there’, but the way he treated and responded in closing [the border] with China did a lot of good.” Kote said.

Kote added that the issues most important for her this election were the economy and employment.

“I think [Trump] has done a lot of good for this country,” she said. “I just want to show him our support.”

Kote brought her children to the rally.

For rally goers Ira and Carolyn Marks they drove from Orange County, Calif to see the president speak. They said they drove over eight hours to make sure they had an opportunity to attend a rally.

The president was in Newport Beach earlier today speaking to supporters.

Carolyn said Trump has been the best president in her lifetime and said he has a commitment to citizens.

Carolyn added the biggest issue for her this election is the constitution. She voiced support for Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. She said the nomination was keeping in lines of the values of the founding fathers and their interpretation of the constitution.

Ira said although Trump may be off-putting he supports him in 2020 because he is familiar with the Trump name. Ira grew up in Trump Village in Brooklyn, New York and said by being around what Trump’s family establish made him like him more.

“A lot of the way he is, as a New Yorker, I think sometimes get’s him in trouble.”

Updated Sunday, Oct. 19: 

The crowed gathered in a prayer asking for peace over the rally and health for the president and first lady.

Late last month, Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, which led to a three day hospitalization.

Additionally, prayer included support for Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett is in currently in headings to be appointed as a Supreme Court Judge after late judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last month.

Nevada Congressman Mark Amodei opened remarks by saying Carson City will ve the president’s favorite stop in Nevada.

Amodei added Barrett’s nomination to the SCOTUS was a “good pick”. Amodei also encouraged individuals to vote in order to win the election.

“If you win turn out, you win the election,” Amodei said. “We need to win the election first. I need two more weeks of your time. Turn out, turn out, turn out, turn out.”

Adam Laxalt, the former Attorney General of Nevada, criticized the Democrat party saying Barrett should not have been questioned on her faith.

Laxalt echoed Amodei saying there needs to be support for law enforcement. Additionally he added those who participated in riots and looting earlier this year should face legal prosecution.

Many in attendance were from California.

Original Story: 

Hundreds have gathered and made their way to the Carson City airport Sunday afternoon to hear President Donald Trump stump on a scheduled campaign rally. This is the President’s second time through the Silver State. 

Trump is expected to speak at 4 p.m. Doors opened at 1 p.m. for individuals to file in. 

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office and other city organizations will facilitate the rally, according to a news release from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. 

“There will be heavy law enforcement activity in the area for the duration of the day,” Ken Furlong, the Carson City Sheriff said in release. “Please give emergency vehicles right-of-way, honor CDC guidelines, and bring plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. If you see something suspicious, say something, the dispatch non-emergency number is (775) 887-COPS (2677), call 9-1-1 for emergencies.”

Additionally, the Carson City Health and Human Services department advised rally goers to execute caution and follow COVID-19 safety protocols. 

“… Please exercise caution for any social gathering to limit the spread of COVID-19, if you are feeling sick stay home, wear face coverings, wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, and limit contact with frequently touched surfaces or shared items,” the release read

A second rally supposed to be held in Elko was cancelled earlier this week. 

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