Louie the Band

The Band ‘Louie’. From left to right: Noah Linker, Charla Rosenberg and Isaac Sorensen. Photo courtesy of Charla Rosenberg.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused us to try it all. Videos across the internet have amazed us with people attempting home-haircuts, to grandparents learning TikTok dances.

For Charla Rosenberg, she took her passion for music and started the band, Louie.

The bright 17-year-old started her musical career when she was a little girl. She’s performed in musicals and plays since she was four. Rosenberg has also learned a plethora of instruments, from flute, to piano, to bass guitar.

Rosenberg later became invested in the jazz band style. With her musical background, she ironically didn’t like her own voice until she found encouragement from her close friends.

More trials and experiences led her deeper into her love for music. Rosenberg became a vagabond, who dived into different genres and styles similar to Surfaces, Joji and Dominic Fike.

Rosenberg and her bandmates, Noah Linker and Isaac Sorensen, have only known each other for a year, but through their strong friendship, love of music and the itching boredom of the pandemic, they were driven to form a band.

While Rosenberg remains the lead singer, Linker plays guitar and Sorensen plays keys. They all have different musical backgrounds from Rosenberg’s jazz, to Linker’s rock, to Sorensen’s classical style.

The trio said they always wanted to start a band, but the hesitation was finally pushed away when the pandemic forced them inside. Being quarantined with their musical instruments sparked the urge to just try.

“The three of us come from different backgrounds of music,” Rosenberg said. “When we’re working together [the band] kind of has its own sound”.

They became official in April of 2020 starting with musical covers but soon realized they wanted to make their own music as well.

The band debuted with a single called “Takeoff!” which is streaming on Spotify. The song centers around escaping from life when you’re feeling stuck, and makes references to breakups and anxious doubts.

Growing up, Rosenberg became accustomed to moving back and forth between the states and Japan where some of her relatives are from. She found an escape within music being a constant rhythm in her, life as well as her supportive inner circle.

Rosenberg has also found inspiration from her family and older brother, Jesse Rosenberg. Rosenberg’s bother has also supported his sister in playing at the Holland Project in Reno.

The band dropped their first single in June, and were surprised to find a welcoming fan base awaiting their song “Takeoff!”

“Takeoff!” has over 2,000 Spotify streams, and the band looks to their positive future even in the pandemic.

Rosenberg and her band are currently working on another single, hoping to release it around Halloween.

The band knows they have a long way to go in their music career, but for now, they are excited about putting music out. Even with a rocky start amid the pandemic, Louie looks forward to working in the studio and playing in live sessions at the Holland Project.

Kristiana Abacan can be reached at erodriguez@sagebrush.unr.edu or on Twitter @tbdkrista