Sandoval Announcement

Isaac Hoops/Nevada Sagebrush Former Gov. Brian Sandoval attends a press conference on Thursday, Sept. 17. President Sandoval announced ‘reading days’ will replace spring break for the 2021 spring semester,

University President Brian Sandoval announced in an email earlier today addressing all students ‘reading days’ will be implemented to replace the spring break. During reading days, no classes will be held in session.

Reading Days are designated on: 

  •   Thursday, February 25
  •   Tuesday, March 9
  •   Wednesday, March 10
  •   Wednesday, April 21

The university’s human resources office is currently planning employee development and training activities for faculty and staff within some of the reading days. A “meeting-free” day is also in discussions right now. 

“Our ‘Reading Days,’ although they do not constitute a complete spring break, will nonetheless provide the people of our campus community with five needed days of mental and physical respite as we face the continuing challenges of COVID-19,” President Sandoval said in the announcement. 

In addition to reading days, there will be a “no instruction” day held on Wednesday, March 24. 

President Sandoval said the day is intended to approximately coincide with Washoe County School District’s spring break. WCSD’s spring break begins on Monday, March 15 to Friday, March 26. 

This decision was made after President Sandoval announced a delayed start to the 2021 spring semester on Friday, October 9. He said administration came to this decision to reduce the community’s risk of exposure to COVID-19. The spring semester is set to begin Monday, Jan. 25. 


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