The Laden Senate Chambers in the Joe Crowley Student Union.

File photo/ Nevada Sagebrush
The Laden Senate Chambers as it stands on Monday, Oct. 22, 2019.


The Nevada Sagebrush reached out to the two presidential and vice presidential pairs, plus the independent vice presidential candidate and asked them to answer one of three questions—one about helping students through the pandemic, another about supporting UNR’s underrepresented student communities, and how they would work with student publications to inform the campus. The candidates were asked to provide responses in 150 words or less. The candidates were also allowed to attach their own responses to The Nevada Sagebrush readers. The following are their responses.


Austin Brown and Keegan Murphy pose in suits and Nevada masks.

Photo courtesy of Austin Brown and Keegan Murphy.
Austin Brown is running for ASUN President. Keegan Murphy is running for ASUN Vice President.

Austin Brown, Keegan Murphy

Austin Brown is running for president, and is currently the vice president of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada. He has previously served as the chief of staff under previous ASUN president Anthony Martinez and as a Judicial Council intern. He is currently a junior studying psychology and political science. Keegan Murphy is running for vice president and is currently the Speaker of the Senate. He previously served as the speaker pro tempore of the Senate and a senator for the College of Business. He is currently a junior studying business management and economics. 

Q: Do you have any tangible plans to help students through financial and mental hardship associated with the pandemic?

A: The Building a Better Nevada campaign is centered on student accessibility and safety. The health and wellbeing of the Wolf Pack community is one of utmost importance to Austin and Keegan. One of their goals is to eliminate financial barriers for students and to focus on all aspects of wellness, especially physical and mental health. They will continue funding the ASUN Student Support Services, such as the Emergency Tuition fund, ASUN Textbook fund, as well as Pack Provisions. They also hope to develop a good relationship with members of the Reno City Council to advocate for more affordable housing, as well as UNR Parking Services to make parking more equitable for students. Mental Health and wellness are also critical to Austin & Keegan. They plan to work closely with the Counseling Center and Health Center to ensure students are supported and have the resources needed, regardless of any unique situation. 

Their message to Nevada Sagebrush readers:

Hi Wolf Pack! We are so excited to be running to be your next Student Body President and Vice President. Our experience and passion for the university and state of Nevada sets us apart from others, and we cannot wait to build a better and stronger Nevada with all of you. It will not be easy, but together, we can transcend our university into one with a strong sense of safety and accessibility, inclusion, community, pride, and engagement. We look forward to the opportunity of representing you all. Do not forget to vote in the Primaries on March 3rd-4th as well as in the General Election March 10th-11th via Web Campus. Go Pack! All our best, Austin + Keegan.


Darwin and Kate stand on the quad with their arms around each other

Photo provided from Snyder and Torres’ campaign Darwin Snyder is running for ASUN President. Kate Torres is running for ASUN Vice President.

Darwin Snyder, Kate Torres

Darwin Snyder is running for president. He has previously served as an ASUN club commissioner and an intern for the executive branch. He is currently a junior studying communications and political science. Kate Torres running for vice president. She is currently a senator for the College of Liberal Arts. She is currently majoring in international affairs, political science and philosophy. 

Q: How will you work to support students of underrepresented communities at UNR?

A: We aim to support underrepresented students by continuing to attend club meetings even after campaigning has ended, have clubs and students come to executive meetings so that their voices are heard and amplified in important discussions, and make sure that any organizations, students, and or staff who purposely silence, erase, and invalidate minority voices are held accountable no matter their standing within the campus. Too many have been given a pass for hate speech and hate crimes due to their standing within the campus. It is time for that to stop. 

Photo courtesy of Aaron Piña campaign Aaron Piña is running for ASUN Vice President.

Aaron Piña

Aaron Piña is running for vice president. They are currently majoring in journalism, psychology and philosophy. They have previously worked as a social media manager within ASUN. 

Q: Do you have any tangible plans to help students through financial and mental hardship associated with the pandemic?

A: As it pertains to supporting minority groups and all students on campus, financial and mental health support is where we need to increase our focus. I am currently in the works to meet with Reno Mayor Schieve to discuss bringing the “TalkSpace” collaboration to University Students – which will allow long term, on demand, and accessible mental health counseling and therapy for FREE. Further, working with and pressuring President Brian Sandoval to utilize his connections with the private sector to increase potential “CARES-like” funding for students to ensure that finances are not a burden in ensuring student success at the university. 

Together, we can create an association that is representative of the people, working in the best interests of the people, and is truly the embodiment of what it means to be “For The People”!

Be sure to follow the For The People Campaign and learn more at! 





Muhammad Shamim

My name is Muhammad Shamim! I am a first-year student at the University of Nevada, Reno, and am majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I am originally from Las Vegas, which I consider to be home alongside Reno. I have always pursued leadership opportunities

for the betterment of others, and recently, it is getting involved in ASUN and on UNR’s campus. Aside from pursuing research, I really want to be able to better the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources as a Senator.

My goals include making the pre-med path for students more convenient. I want to be able to create a pre-med mentoring program that allows undergraduates to have mentors from UNR medical school. These mentors can guide students on how to better their chances for

medical school. As Senator, I also want to give researchers in CABNR an opportunity to promote their research through social media or email updates to students. Alongside this, I want to create a delivery system on campus as well as provide Wacom tablets for professors to aid in instruction.

I believe I relate with the students of CABNR solely as a student first. Part of being a Senator requires understanding the students. When you can do that, you can better represent the students and their needs. I relate with CABNR students, many of which are

on the pre-med track. I understand the difficulty of getting opportunities during the pandemic and finding ways to stand out as a medical school applicant. My goal is to become a voice for the students of CABNR and the students of the University by relating with them in their struggles. 


Sivani Reganti

The Nevada Sagebrush has reached out to Sivani Reganti several times but has not commented on her campaign.



Photo courtesy of Antonio Arellanes
Antonio Arellanes is running for the College of Business Senator position.

Antonio Arellanes

My name is Antonio Arellanes, and I’m a freshman majoring in Economics and hoping to become the next Senator for the College of Business. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and I became more attentive to the study of economics after being one of the millions who lost their home in the Great Recession. I’m a first generation college student, born from a family of immigrants, hoping to break the vicious cycle of poverty through financial literacy, while also striving to spread opportunity for all of those aspiring to build a better future for their families.

My campaign is centered around broadening individual experience in business out into the real world by directing the College of Business to place enhanced focus on establishing professional networking and thereby expanding internship opportunities for all business majors. Education without execution renders all the hard work done in our college classes useless in the real business world. Securing internships are easier said than done, and I will ensure that the College of Business provides services that will help make your resume turn into gold by the time you graduate.

Serving as an intern is not new to me, especially in the financial sector. My experience as an intern has helped me expand my networking connections with business professionals within Reno. I understand that internships are the principle source of dipping your foot into any business career that you are seeking, and I have the connections to make that happen for many more talented people. The College of Business needs somebody with hands-on experience that will help you quadruple your value as an individual in the field of business.


Photo courtesy of Cynthia Beltran
Cynthia Beltran is running for the College of Business Senator position.

Cynthia Beltran

My name is Cynthia Beltran and I’m a first-year student in the College of Business. I’m majoring in Business Management with a minor in Graphic Design. I’m from Las Vegas but was born in California! I’m currently a member of the First in the Pack program on campus. My biggest accomplishment of this year has been having the opportunity to be a Senate intern for the 88th session! My mentors were Senator Casildo-Rios and Senator Ramirez. Both senators aided me in getting a true understanding of the ASUN Legislative Branch and teaching me skills to grow professionally and personally.

The goals that I have for the 89th session focus a lot on ensuring that all students, whether remote or in-person, have the best experience they can have at the University. Through outreach, I’d like to get opinions from students on what events would be easier for them to attend. I’d want to work with fellow senators in creating a plan to provide counseling services with a bigger platform to reach more students at the University and create a healthier mental state for students. A big goal I’d like to accomplish is opening up more opportunities for women on campus.

My constituents should vote for me because I want to do the best I can to represent the students. Out of the thousands of students that are in the College of Business, there are only 4 senators that represent them. I look forward to being one of those senators and helping in creating more opportunities for all students in the college, especially women and minorities. To be voted into this role is an honor and I believe that through my internship, and the coaching of Senator Ramirez and Senator Casildo-Rios, I have gained the skills to be successful in ASUN


Morgan Ebbers

The Nevada Sagebrush has reached out to Morgan Ebbers several times but the candidate has not commented on her campaign.


Natasha Franzen

Natasha Franzen dropped out of the race. 


Jace McNaught

My name is Jace McNaught and I hail from Henderson, Nevada. Currently I am a third year International Business major with a minor in Japanese language and culture. Some of my hobbies include skiing, djing, community service, and reading. I also love watching tv, anime, and movies. I am in many clubs on campus and believe joining a club is a great way to make new friends and grow your network while attending university.

As senator for the College of Business, I hope to be able to help our university and student body rebound and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic by revitalizing our school spirit and campus culture. Going into next year, only the graduating class of 2022 will have had a full year of school without having to deal with coronavirus, so I believe senior leadership on campus should work towards keeping the traditions that make Nevada unique alive and accessible for future generations of students who will walk our great campus. With this being my main goal, I also have other goals I would like to focus on given the time to serve the student body. These include, but are not limited to, mending the relationship between the Independent Interfraternal Council and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life as well as creating opportunities for students on campus to engage in dynamic hands-on community service with a profound impact on local issues that lets students see the difference THEY are making through public service.

Students should choose me to represent them because I want to be a voice for all students on campus, not just select groups, people, or even colleges. I have a diverse background and am very open-minded, so I try to understand all sides of an issue (or solution) before deciding the best way to go about handling things. I use reason and morality as strict driving forces in my own decision making process, but I am able to put my personal beliefs aside when it comes to representing a larger constituency, letting their voices be heard in order to help facilitate change they want to see. We are all in this together, and I want to use my last year on campus to leave a lasting impact on the University of Nevada, Reno, making our campus a better place by helping it grow into something that all students can be proud of


Photo courtesy of Alexander Pilks
Alexander Pilks is running for the College of Business Senator position.

Alexander Pilks

Hey Wolf Pack! My name is Alex Pilks and I am a second year at the university studying accounting and finance. I am originally from Las Vegas and graduated from Advanced Technologies Academy with an emphasis in Legal Studies in 2019. I decided to attend The University of Nevada to build the foundation for a legal education and broaden my academic horizons.

I have learned so much from our faculty and community and I truly believe in UNR’s mission of preparing and graduating confident students who can tackle the most challenging issues of our time. However, there is much work to be done to help students reach their full potential and live up to UNR’s vision. During this challenging time posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many students continue to face housing and food insecurity. Additionally, our students who are members of the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ community along with other minorities continue to lack opportunities and the resources necessary to graduate with confidence and ready to face the most challenging issues of our time. With a lack of campus and peer-to-peer interaction, there have been few opportunities presented to students to help prepare them for the real-world. These opportunities include internships, community engagement, and professional job preparation. My primary objectives as your ASUN senator are to work with students to further develop their professional skills and drive community engagement and work with other senators on policies that drive funding the student programs for professional job development.

I am asking for your votes this election term to help prepare all business students for the real world. Your senate representatives’ must work to assist students who are struggling during this time make the most of our current university resources and integrate into the new world of online learning. As your representative in the Senate, I will work to provide more professional opportunities, university engagement, and community involvement. There is fierce competition in the workforce as the talent pool continues to grow and technology becomes more innovative. As a student who works full time, has completed multiple internships, and served as a campus leader, I know what must be done to provide our students with the best opportunities.


Leslie Ramirez

The Nevada Sagebrush has reached out to Leslie Ramirez several times but has not commented on her campaign.


Antoun Zgheib

My name is Antoun Zgheib, I’m from Las Vegas Nevada where I graduated from Bishop Gorman and decided to study at UNR. I am currently a junior at UNR studying International Business and Management while also being involved with various clubs such as the International Business club, Economics club, and an HR club where guest speakers from senior positions in Reno come in to talk about their role and how they got there. I am also part of the Zeta Psi fraternity where I am able to help give back to the Reno community.

Some goals of mine are to primarily bring student engagement much higher than they have been especially with COVID coming to an end sooner than later. This being connected to more clubs being available once campus can reopen to full capacity, the college of business working more closely with students to help them land valuable internships and other programs. Students having more say on how classes are being conducted and not falling into the mercy of a department or teacher that does not care. I would also love to have more Greek life engagement since it is such a big community that can help with various connections and philanthropic opportunities for many.

I believe the biggest reason why students should vote for me is because I really do care about the student community. I got this great passion once I realized just how disconnected we are from our university right now with almost everything being online. I would like to have programs hit the ground running to connect students to other students and professionals in our area and once again create a sense of unity. I am a big believer in unity and hope that we can all come back to campus where programs to help connect and propel us are awaiting our arrival.



Photo Courtesy of Sarah Keller
Sarah Keller is running for College of Education senator position.

Sarah Keller

My name is Sarah M. Keller and I am a second-year student at the University of Nevada in the Pre-PackTeach–English dual-program. I grew up in Lodi, California, but lived in Sparks, Nevada for the first two years of my life so I always felt a connection to Nevada. Although it is my job, I essentially live at the Joe Crowley Student Union as having college students for coworkers has substantial benefits; I also enjoy hearing the insights of my fellow students. When I am not at work or in classes, I enjoy hanging out with my family.

My goal for ASUN is to create a sense of connection within ASUN by welcoming different ideas and opinions from officers and taking feedback forms from students into consideration. For the university, I would like to look into options for off-campus safety, primarily around the Winter season when it is particularly dangerous to travel. For the College of Education, my goals are to continue to establish and promote the student advisory board and to improve awareness of education programs and opportunities so we can increase the number of qualified teachers within the state of Nevada.

Throughout the 88th Session, I believe that I have done my best to write legislation that has an impact on the university. My new and better understanding of the Association has also prepared me for a new session. Now that there are new people running to become senators, many with great goals, I would love the chance to collaborate with them and maybe take on a higher role by becoming a committee chair. When education majors vote in the coming election, I hope that they recognize my name and decide to put me into office again.



Photo courtesy of Jefrin Jojan
Jefrin Jojan is running for the College of Engineering Senator position.

Jefrin Jojan

I am a first-year student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. This year I served as an executive intern for ASUN. My mentor was the Director Clubs and Organizations, Nolan Lanza. I am also a member of UNR’s Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

I have plans to make UNR more environmentally friendly, provide more COVID-related assistance for students, improve support and research opportunities for College of Engineering students and increase diversity on campus in order to make the university more inclusive. Another priority is increasing the different types of meals available on campus especially food that is healthy and portable for all students on campus.


  1. Setting up a fund to assist students who have been affected by COVID in matters such as housing assistance.
  2. Making UNR and the campus more environmentally-friendly. This will include cutting down on the use of paper and reducing pollution on campus.
  3. Increasing diversity and embracing inclusivity on campus. Making sure all people are welcome and feel accepted at UNR.
  4. Increasing opportunities for students to connect academically and socially during covid. This includes increasing support for students in the College of Engineering to find research placements and internships, as well as organizing more socially distanced and online events.
  5. Investing into campus dining options and diversifying food to expand the number of healthy and vegetarian options available to students via meal swipes and foodbucks.

Right now we are in unique and tiring times. Online classes and covid had affected all of us in profound ways. I want to serve as Senator for the College of Engineering in order to help the community and campus. Specifically I believe through serving in the senate I will be able to pass legislation to river funds to students effected by covid. My other priory who’s be making sure more companies like Tesla come to recruit on campus and increase opportunities for internships and research positions. 


Joshua Luers

Joshua Luers is a second-year, first-generation student from Las Vegas, Nevada pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Construction Management. Since first attending the university, Joshua has created an extensive list of representation for students: 

If re-elected, Joshua hopes to continue the work he has been engaged in with sustainability and environmental justice as a two-term senator. He hopes to continue and increase his engagement with both students and administration to find common ideals that can help the University of Nevada, Reno excel beyond its expectations.


  • Fight for racial justice on campus to lower over 50% unsatisfactory rate for Black students on-campus and the on-average 30% of Black students seriously considering leaving the University;
  • Improve sustainability systemically: provide composting and recyclability in dining halls and free public transportation for students;


Photo Courtesy of Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson is running for the College of Engineering Senator position.

Andrew Thompson

My name is Andrew Thompson and I am a first-year honors student from Las Vegas, Nevada majoring in Chemical Engineering. Currently, I serve as an intern for the ASN legislative internship and have gained an understanding of the senate body. I would like to take my experience with the association further by running to be a senator for the College of Engineering. I am excited to listen to the student body to gain a better understanding of how we can improve our already great university by collaborating with other senators, club presidents, and student voices on campus! 

I hope to represent the College of Engineering to the best of my ability and emphasize ASUN as a resource to the student body. My goals are to develop a strong connection between the College of Engineering and ASUN, work with the Engineering Internship Outreach team to provide students with more internship opportunities, strengthen initiatives to communicate events occurring within the College of Engineering, work to expand and further develop the UNR Pack Pods Program, and develop a connection between ASUN and the newly established Honors College. These goals will only be attainable through communication and collaboration, which I look forward to engaging in to make possible.

Something that I want my fellow engineering students to know about me is that I am open to what people have to say. No voice is more important than another. Whether you’re an elected senator or a general student, your voice is equally important. Senators are meant to represent the students, not only their own concerns. I have a fresh set of eyes on the University. Being a Legislative Senate Intern has allowed me to gain a new perspective on ASUN without being completely in it. Sitting on the outside of the association and only knowing ASUN through a COVID world has not only given me a fresh perspective but its flaws that may have been overlooked in previous sessions. I hope to collaborate with my peers to further strengthen The Associated Students of the University of Nevada.



Jeremy Guevin

Hello! My name is Jeremy Guevin, I am from Reno, and I am a freshman majoring in political science. As a Senate Intern this past semester, I have had an opportunity to work and connect with so many wonderful students, faculty, and clubs, and I plan to make personal connection and engagement with students my main priority as a representative. In office, I would work to promote and partner with service organizations around campus, clearly display and explain legislation passed by ASUN on social media, and create convenient outlets on social media for students to voice their opinions to ASUN.


Photo courtesy of Olivia Ngo
Olivia Ngo is running for the College of Liberal Arts Senator position.

Olivia Ngo

My name is Olivia Ngo (she/her) and I am a first-year musical theater major in the College of Liberal Arts, with plans to declare a Political Science minor. I was born & raised in Reno and have been performing around the community through dance, music, and theater ensembles since I was five years old. In high school, I was Choir Section Leader and Vice President. In my free time, I love to read, listen to and play music, go on walks, swim, and binge-watch 90s coming-of-age movies. My campaign slogan is LIV in the present, vote for the future!

My goals include advancing sustainability in student life, improving civic engagement through the ASUN No Walls 2025 plan, adding more student feedback features to the ASUN website for transparency, implementing a CLA-specific career fair, and promoting an inclusive environment by expanding BIPOC affinity spaces,collaboration with The Center, Every Student, Every Story, and diverse authors in the academic curriculum. To achieve these goals, I plan on collaborating between ASUN departments and Senators of different colleges, meeting with university administration and facilities, and conducting outreach with students in classes, clubs and organizations, and through attendance of Liberal Arts events. 

In my short time at UNR, I have established rapport with students through clubs, classes, and ASUN’s legislative internship, where I wrote legislation tracking sustainability practices on campus and worked closely with current Senators to become well-versed in the Association. Through my artistic involvement, I have gained valuable insight into collaboration and empathetic communication. I am reliable and driven, and I know what it takes to lead by example. I hope to build strong connections with the CLA community by engaging with students from all backgrounds so our student body is represented as equitably as possible. 


Photo Courtesy of Carolina Rountree
Carolina Rountree is running for the College of Liberal Arts Senator position.

Carolina Rountree

My name Carolina Rountree. I’m third year at UNR and from Sacramento California. I major in Communication Studies and minor in journalism.  

My goals are intended to help our wold pack community. First I want to better the communication between the students and our colleges. If we can do this then we will be more efficient when trying to ask for what we want. Second I want to improve the internships that are provided for students within ASUN. Third i would like to advertise women sports, events, and organizations on campus to create more equality at the university. 

The students should elect me as one of their senators for the college of liberal arts because I want to be a voice for our community. I believe that communication is key for us in during our current situation with being online for school. I would be grateful for this opportunity to serve our community. 


Photo courtesy of Jakob Schein
Jakob Schein is running for the College of Liberal Arts Senator position.

Jakob Schein

My name is Jakob Schein, I’m a senior at UNR, and I’m majoring in Political Science, International Affairs, and Economics. I’ve grown up in Nevada my whole life, although I love to travel. My favorite place I’ve been is Kenya, where I got to perform community outreach in Nairobi. I am pursuing a career with the State Department, which would allow me to combine my love for travel with my degree focus. In my free time I love to rock climb, read books, and play video games. I also have a German Shorthair-Boxer mix named Dexter.

There are two main goals for my platform. First, I want to work with faculty to create and advertise more undergraduate internships, scholarships, and job opportunities. To achieve this I intend to partner with Undergraduate Research, the Honors College, and any other existing programs on campus. Second, I want to make ASUN more accessible for every student. This will be achieved by making legislation simple, easy to read, and easy to give feedback on. By doing this I believe we can encourage student engagement, making ASUN more beneficial to everyone.

While I am new to ASUN, I am not new to leadership and government. I currently work for the Nevada Legislature as a legislative intern. This role has allowed me to gain firsthand experience in the legislative process, writing legislation, meeting with interest groups, and doing surveys. I also have a leadership background, working as a supervisor at Starbucks and a coaching support specialist for the Honors College. If elected, I intend to hold regular polls and info sessions through social media. As a senator, it is my job to represent your goals and concerns to the student body, something I am prepared to do.


Photo Courtesy of Victoria Supple
Victoria Supple is running for the College of Liberal Arts Senator position.

Victoria Supple

My name is Victoria Supple and I am a junior a the University. I am majoring in political science and international affairs with a minor in business administration. Before living in Henderson, Nevada for 2 years I spent most of my life on Long Island, New York. 

My goal this year in Senate is to be the Speaker of the Senate. My priority for both of my sessions in ASUN has been accountability for officers and I think I can implement that well as speaker. I want to ensure all students are being accurately represented and are getting the most out of their experience at UNR. I also want to work to improve communication and cooperation in ASUN between departments and between colleges in Senate. I also want to set an objective of equity on campus for senators to work towards together in this session and continue the momentum of the 88th session into the 89th session.

I have dedicated so much of my time to ASUN and this University and have not regretted it! I want to continue to push ASUN in a better direction and accurately represent the students. I know students’ tuition goes towards ASUN and being re-elected will allow me to speak on behalf of students to ensure they are getting the most out of their experience at UNR and their interests are being represented to the best of our ability.



Ariana Boorboor

Ariana Boorboor has dropped out of the race.


Photo Courtesy of Hannah Bowling
Hannah Bowling is running for the College of Science Senator position.

Hannah Bowling

I am Hannah Bowling and I am a third-year student at UNR majoring in Psychology and Spanish with a minor in Addiction Treatment. I currently work as a caregiver for seniors and volunteer with the Domestic Violence Resource Center. 

As a senator, my main goal is prioritizing mental health because a healthy mind means a healthy education. It is also my plan to help create more skills workshops that will bring connection and prepare students for life after graduation and give them tools to succeed outside of the classroom. 

This past year has been so difficult for all of us with the pandemic still ongoing, it is important to me that a grievance policy is implemented for students to make difficult times a little easier and let students know they are supported. 

Lastly, I want to cultivate self-advocacy on campus for students to take a stand and voice their concerns in a safe environment. I care about the individual, I don’t speak for a community as a whole, rather I want to listen to the individuals, I will represent you.


Rylan Howell

My name is Rylan Howell and I am running for a position as a senator in the for the College of Science. I am currently a member of the BS-MD program and a member of the Zeta Psi fraternity.

As a senator for the ASUN I would focus on two main things. I would focus on communication with an emphasis on Greek life. Also I would like to allow for more options for student aide through scholarship and parking price reduction. 

I should be chosen as a representative because I have a voice in many different areas of the university. I will be able to understand on a high level with the subcultures on campus and be open to any new ideas that may benefit the students of Nevada. 


John Kermanshahi

My name is John Kermanshahi. I am currently a sophomore. I’m originally from Laguna Niguel, CA but graduated high school in Susanville, CA. I am a biology major with plans to go to professional school. I currently work at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center as Patient Safety Advocate. I also previously worked as a lifeguard, and have experience working with the Susanville Fire Department. I am also a member of the Zeta Psi fraternity and sit as the Vice President of Community Relations for the Reno Independent Interfraternity Council. 

If elected, I want to make sure the needs of the students are properly made apparent through an open door policy where I can communicate with my constituents about their needs and address them in session.  I’d also like to create a positive dialogue between off campus fraternities and the University. I want to reintroduce the “Good Neighbor Policy” which was offered to California residents in proximity to the Reno area. A program that made tuition for those students equal to tuition for Nevada residents. I want to work with local business and government to create internship and mentoring programs much like our peer institutions that will guide students towards successful careers. And finally, with the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’d like to see the return of events like homecoming and the creation of new University sponsored events. 

I believe I am the best pick for the students of the College of Science because of my goals to address some of their greatest concerns within our student body. I understand the steep cost of tuition and it’s affects on education. I can relate to the insecurities many of us face in our career paths and professional decisions. I know the importance of the college experience and want the University to play a better role in providing that experience to its students. And I also want Greek life to be more safe and secure, and readily accessible to our community.


Jiego Lim

Jiego Lim has dropped out of the race.


Photo courtesy of Nivetha Nithyanandan
Nivetha Nithyanandan is running for the College of Science Senator position.

Nivetha Nithyanandan

Hi everyone! My name is Nivetha Nithyanandan and I am a freshman majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. I’m originally from Las Vegas and getting to explore reno has been an amazing opportunity despite these difficult times. During my free time, I love spending time outdoors, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family! Being a candidate for the ASUN Senator for the College of Science position is definitely exciting and I hope to represent the members of my college soon!

My goals if I were elected include helping ease the transition for incoming freshmen to adjusting and finding resources as a college student, implementing better safety on campus by raising awareness for campus security resources, and increasing connectivity between members of colleges through more common shared spaces or social events.

Serving as a class representative throughout high school helped me realize how much I love serving students and listening to their problems. I think students should pick me to represent them because with my experience as a legislative intern this 88th session, I have a better understanding of the inner workings of ASUN, how things get done, and a huge passion for hearing students out and doing whatever I can to help make their university experience better.


Photo courtesy of Yesenia Pelayo
Yesenia Pelayo is running for the College of Science Senator position.

Yesenia Pelayo

Yesenia Pelayo is a second-year, first-generation student from Las Vegas, Nevada majoring in Neuroscience. She aims to improve transparency between ASUN and students so that students are more aware of the association’s actions, strengthen the connection between student government and Greek life on campus, create a more casual approach to representation to destigmatize student body government, create more resources to support first-generation women in STEM, and work with RHA to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment, as well as creating more accessible mental health resources for students in resident halls in the midst of COVID-19. She hopes to create more resources to foster student success and representation as well as uplift the voices and needs of fellow students in the College of Science.


Dominic Zullo

The Nevada Sagebrush has reached out to Dominic Zullo several times but has not commented on his campaign.



Emma Bergren

Emma Bergren is in her second semester of freshman year as a pre-nursing major here at the University of Nevada Reno. She is currently a Senate Intern for the 88th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada. When she graduates in the spring of 2024, she hopes to conquer her goals of becoming a nurse practitioner. After earning her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), she hopes to continue her education and earn her Master’s degree. Emma has participated in student government her whole life and uses her passions of uplifting

student voices to the best of her ability. In her past years of education, Emma served as Vice President of her class twice as well as Class President in her hometown Santa Clara, California. Emma enjoys gaining new experiences of leadership in any avenue, and if elected, her skills of excellent communication, group execution, and school spirit would be easily applied. As a whole, Emma Bergren, a candidate for Senator of Community Health Sciences, hopes to continue her presence within ASUN while researching what students need during a global pandemic, listening to the student body while creating a healthy space for students here at the University. 


  • Establishing a healthy and sustainable campus 
  • Raise knowledge for mental health resources on campus 
  • Encouraging a spirited and dedicated student body 
  • Listening and elevating underrepresented voices
  • Composing clear pathways of communication among housing and students 


Photo courtesy of Mattanaporn Chantiyanon
Mattanaporn Chantiyanon is running for the Community Health Science/Orvis School of Nursing Senator position.

Mattanaporn Chantiyanon

My name is Mattanaporn Chantiyanon — but most people call me Mattie for short. I was born in Thailand, moved to Las Vegas, and now up in Reno! Currently as a second-year at the university, I am majoring in Pre-Nursing and Public Health. When I am not doing schoolwork and have free time, I usually hangout with my tortoise (Jeb) or find new food spots to try out.

My goals involve lobbying against homelessness architecture and make it so that any students with housing problems will have more access to resources. I would also like to increase awareness of University services so that not only new students but our current students will know that the school offers resources like the health center, counseling services, and so on. Having a welcoming and diverse campus is also something that I feel is really important, so I would use my position to promote/foster initiatives to make it so that campus is not only inclusive but more of a pack. Finally I plan to find a way for ASUN to have a more direct line of communication with the students so that everyone is kept up to date with recent developments. 

My main focus is to be a voice for the students of Community Health Sciences and make the university a better place for all. Being your senator for GHS this past year has been an amazing experience and has taught me valuable knowledge of how the association runs and what work needs to be done to help the students of the University of Nevada.


Elijah Golish

The Nevada Sagebrush has reached out to Elijah Golish several times but has not commented on his campaign.


Photo Courtesy of Autumn Kidd
Autumn Kidd is running for the Community Health Science/Orvis School of Nursing Senator position.

Autumn Kidd

Hi, my name is Autumn Kidd, I am a second-year Kinesiology major here at UNR. I was born and raised in Las Vegas before moving up here. After completing my undergraduate degree, I am hoping to obtain my doctorates in Physical Therapy and eventually open my own rehabilitation facility. I am involved with my college through our student advisory board, ambassadors program, and am even a student work for CHS advising. Outside of my college, I dedicate a handful of my time to an organization known as Camp Kesem that helps children through and beyond their parents’ cancer. 

My goals consist of increasing the accessibility of resources to students, encourage transparency from all parts of ASUN to the students so they feel more directly represented, collaborate with the director of sustainability to work on environmentally friendly initiatives, and working to facilitate a smooth transition back to normal campus operations. We need to be prepared when we finally do return to campus. This could include but is not limited to advising workshops, adhering to ADAAA guidelines in our buildings, increasing counseling services to hop back from any mental side effects of the pandemic, and readjusting academic guidelines for success considering the year of remote learning.

I believe I am well equipped with the knowledge from my past experience in the 88th session and my knowledge working in near all aspects of my college to better represent our student population. I also have experience not being part of the association before the pandemic hit. I believe this to be crucial for this upcoming session since we are looking into reopening the campus at 100% and in doing so, we can evaluate where we used to be and started at and compare it with what we want to change about it and make that change happen. 




Photo courtesy of Vanessa Riberiro
Vanessa Ribeiro is running for for the Reynolds School of Journalism Senator position.

Vanessa Ribeiro

Vanessa Ribeiro is a sophomore at the University, majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in News and Broadcast, as well as minors in both Political Science and Race Studies. She was raised in Reno and is a proud member of the pack!  Through her first two years on campus, Vanessa experienced a level of learning that drove her to the world of advocacy. In the time span of a year, she listened to the stories of others, worked to understand their needs, until she herself was at the capacity to offer space for activism for these marginalized groups. In her prior term as a senator, she sat Chair for The Committee On Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She wrote and passed legislation on behalf of Undocumented students, Indigenous students, students with disabilities, Black students, students with visas, and- most importantly- ALL students. Her work was reflective of what she can bring to the table through her compassion, devotion to a well-rounded debate, and ability to communicate. She understands the role of representation and even more so the significance of representation to those who have not had the platform to be heard in the first place. Vanessa is an incredibly proud, driven, and gracious student of the Reynolds School, and it would be an honor for her to serve as their representative in the 89th session. She is here to make your voice VALUED, VITALIZED, & HEARD



No one is running this year for the Division of Health Science/School of Medicine.


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