During the first day of primary elections, last minute endorsements have started for two of the three candidates going head to head in this year’s Associated Students of the University of Nevada vice presidential race. 

On Tuesday night, Keegan Murphy was endorsed by Coffin and Keys, a group made up of unnamed members that anonymously comments on university life in a newsletter released several times per year.


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Murphy is running with presidential hopeful Austin Brown, who is the current ASUN vice president. 

“As candidates, we do not lend much weight to anonymous endorsements. We recognize the turbulent history of this organization and both hope it goes without saying that we are not a part of this organization and do not condone their actions in the past. We do, however, support their message to students to be civically engaged!” Brown and Murphy said in an email to The Nevada Sagebrush

Aaron Piña, who is running unattached to a presidential candidate, was endorsed by current President Dominique Hall in an Instagram story post Wednesday morning.

“I’m voting for Aaron Piña for ASUN Vice President,” read the post on Hall’s story. 

In an email to The Nevada Sagebrush, Hall said, “As ASUN president I feel it is my duty to speak up and support candidates that I feel will represent students and the association to the best of their ability. As the only candidate that reached out to me, I believe VP Candidate Aaron Pina is the only candidate running for an executive position, that has the best interests for students and the association with no ulterior motives.”

According to the candidate, Piña and President Hall met prior to the primaries to discuss Piña’s platform and goals.

“I had the opportunity to meet with current President Dom Hall this past week to discuss my platform and the future of ASUN. I appreciate her support of my candidacy and want to reiterate the importance of student leadership and diversity on our campus. Let this be a reminder to all that anyone can be a leader. You just have to have passion, drive and a mission,” said Piña in a message to The Nevada Sagebrush

It’s the second big-name endorsement for Piña, who was endorsed by City of Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve on Monday. 

Undergraduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno have until 5 p.m. on Thursday to vote in the primary election. Students can vote on Canvas through the “ASUN Elections – Primary Elections (2021)” module or in person at the Center for Student Engagement on the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union. 

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