UPDATE 4:00 p.m.

Darwin Synder announced on Instagram that he will be dropping out of the race.

“I began this quest almost a year ago after the results of the last election season,” Synder said in the post. “Not because of the outcome but because I wanted to be part of a change. I’ve seen, heard, and witnessed more than enough students and peers younger and older that have had to face pain and trauma no one should have to endure.”

Synder said in the coming days there will be a lot to say about him, his friends, his family, people associated with him and people he’s apologized to.

“I failed you,” Synder said. “I failed you because I have always sought out to help those people that are so broken and distraught that will do anything to tear others down just so they can feel better about themselves. But like this world, some people do not want change. And to those people, I say you won this round. You beat me and I hope you’re satisfied.”

Synder said he will be in brief attendance at the General Presidential Debates on Monday, March 8 at 7:30 p.m. Because he has missed the deadline to drop out, his name and former Vice Presidential candidate Kate Torres name will be on the ballot. Synder said both of them will not be campaigning though.

“A lot of students, friends, allies and people all of us thought we could trust have truly shown their true colors during this entire process and while the way it happened may not have been executed the best, I can honestly say I’m grateful,” Synder said. “No one in this world deserves the people they cannot trust.”

In addition, Synder offered appreciation to Kate Torres, his campaign team and supporters.

Synder told the Nevada Sagebrush that after the events on Thursday and for his own mental health, he decided to drop out.

“…I totally agree with what everybody was saying, you know, there needs to be…a system and infrastructure change 100%. And, and I think we started with that idea.. Kate and I did…but just to the point where it got, you know, people were bullying and threatening and accusing, and it’s just like that’s just too much and I didn’t want to be a part of that,” Synder said to the Nevada Sagebrush.

Synder also said he is still willing to assist with ASUN.

“And it doesn’t mean, you know, I’m not willing to help them doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to, you know, so still serve students, and I talked with Aja [Butler], I talked to Kevin [Finkler] and had conversations with Kate, and conversations with a lot of people,” Synder said.
“I definitely thought about this. I was in a position where I thought I couldn’t serve to my full capacity if I was elected and I didn’t want to burden that on students.”

Synder felt like it was his due diligence to drop and he is very happy with his decision.


The Associated Students of the University of Nevada announced in a social media post on Instagram and Twitter that they have rescinded the disqualification of candidates Keegan Murphy and Aaron Piña based on campaign finances rules. Both candidates will move on to the general election on March 10th and 11th.

In addition, the social media said Attorney General Paige Flippin will issue an opinion that will consider issuing a stay of the campaign finances laws in the Statutes of the Associated Students— also known as the SAS.

“We apologize for the emotional distress and inconvenience this has caused,” Director of Elections and Democratic Engagement Kevin Finkler and Attorney General Paige Flippin said in the post. “We expect all candidates to operate in good faith during the ASUN General Elections and submit budgets to the best of their ability.”

Brown-Murphy released a social media post informing their constituents of this change and urging people to vote for them for the general election this upcoming week.’

“None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of the student body,” Austin Brown and Keegan Murphy said. “Together, we can right these wrongs and create an association that truly listens to student voices and stands up for what is right.”

Murphy expressed his excitement to the Nevada Sagebrush.

“…I am just so excited to be reinstated and am glad it was fixed,” Murphy said. “Clearly, students were upset and they used their voices to make the change, something I hope they continue to do in the future. Austin and I look forward to continue campaigning hard this week to earn student votes.”

Piña also expressed happiness being reinstated noting the past couple of days has shown him there is much to be done for the association and the university.

“I want to thank both the director of elections, and attorney general for not only maintaining their duties and their discretion in the difficult choice they made, but also for their reassessment of the situation, showing us that leadership is not always easy, and sometimes we mess up,” Piña said to the Nevada Sagebrush

They also feel that this represents the ability for students to get things done and fight for their voices.

“Let’s keep this momentum up as we enter the general election and into the next year,” Piña said.

Taylor Johnson can be reached at tkjohnson@nevada.unr.edu or on Twitter @taylorkendyll.