Lanes in the pool

Photo by Isaac Hoops. Nevada swim defeats San Jose State.

The Nevada women’s swim team beat San Jose State University 63-47 at the first conference meet on Sept. 25. 

Event one was the 3×50 yard butterfly relay. Senior Josien Wijkhuijs had the fastest time at 25.24 out of the team relay. All together, Wijkhuijs and seniors Wiktoria Samula and Julia Adamczyk had a time of 1:17.95 in relay A. This gained Nevada five points. SJS was behind by .94. In relay B, SJS won and gained two points while Nevada only gained one. 

Event two was the 3×50 yard backstroke relay. Nevada won in relay A with a time of 1:19.48, and also took the win in relay B with a time of 1:24.43. Relay B came close—San Jose was just 38 milliseconds behind Nevada. Nevada senior Montana Lloyd had the fastest time in relay B at 27.73 and Wijkhuijs again had the fastest time for relay A. Nevada gained a total of seven points.

Event three was the 3×50 yard breaststroke relay. Seniors Donna Depolo and Gianni Pitto had the fastest times for Nevada in each relay. Nevada scored six points at this event. The cumulative score at this time was 19-14 for Nevada. 

Event four was the 800 yard freestyle relay. Nevada won in relay A and relay B. SJS trailed behind +3 seconds and +4 seconds.

Event five was the 500 yard freestyle relay 50, 100, 150, 200. This event is the first event that SJS won in relay A so far. Nevada only trailed by .12 seconds. SJS also got first in the relay A in event eight, the 3×300 yard freestyle relay.

Event six was the 400 yard medley relay, where Nevada won both first and second place. Nevada gained eight points. 

Event seven was the 200 yard freestyle relay.. Junior Coco Berkenfield had the fastest time in relay A at 24.07. In relay B, Nevada placed second and gained one point, taking the lead at 44-33.

Event nine was the 400 yard medley relay. Nevada also gained eight points in this event, placing first and second. Relay A for Nevada had the fastest time at 3:58.69, and relay B had 4:06.90. SJS was +9 and +16 seconds behind Nevadas relay A. 

The last event was the 400 yard freestyle relay. SJS grabbed second and third place gaining five points, and Nevada gained six points in first and fourth place. 

Nevada ended the meet with 63 points, and SJS had 47. This is Nevada’s first win of the season. 

The next meet will be at home on Oct. 23 against Cal State East Bay at 11 a.m.

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