Nevada dribbles the ball down the field, moving around SJS players.

Photo by Noah Scott. Boise and Nevada tie 0-0 in the first match against each other this season.

Nevada soccer ties 0-0 after going into double overtime against the Boise State Broncos on Sunday, Sept. 26. 

Nevada entered the game 0-1 in conference play, and Boise was 1-0. 

In the first half, junior forward Gabby Brown had a quick shot at 00:26 which went out left. Boise had control of the ball for most of the first half. They had 10 shots at goal while Nevada only had the one by Brown. Junior midfielder Morgan Stone contributed three shots for Boise. At the end of the half, no team scored. 

The second half consisted of many substitutions because both teams wanted a fresh set of feet on the field for the potential to score a goal. Brown had another shot that went out left again. Boise had another half with multiple shots. Out of six shots, Stone had two of them and senior goalie Kendal Stovall saved three in a row at 80:52-85:30. Both teams had great defense and did not allow for any goals to make the net.

The game went into overtime since the score was still tied at zero. Teams got a five-minute intermission and then the 10-minute time clock started for play. 

In the first overtime, Boise had four shots and Nevada had one shot by senior midfielder Casey Crawford. Crawford’s shot went high above the goal, and no goals were made. 

A second overtime happened, and Boise was the only team who had a shot. No goals were made in this period either, so the game ended in a tie. 

This is the first tie for both teams this season.

Nevada will play Colorado College on Oct. 1 at 6 p.m.

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