Lombardi Recreational Center.

Photo by Isaac Hoops. Nevada Women’s swim and dive have their first meet at home in the Lombardi Recreational Center.

Nevada women’s swim team scored the highest against the University of California, Davis and California State University, East Bay at Nevada’s first home meet on Oct. 23. 

In the 200 yard medley, Nevada had a total of three different teams competing. Relay

A had a time of 1:44.44 which placed them in first. Relay B placed third with a time of 1:47.78. Relay C was right behind relay B by 3.40 seconds. 

Two Nevada swimmers took the first and second place spot in the 1000 yard freestyle. Reese Lamph and Mikayla Dance had total times under 11 minutes. Lamph’s final time was 10:46.57 and Dance’s was 10:55.84. The two UCD and two CSEB swimmers had times over 11 minutes.

Nevada again took the first two spots in the 200 yard freestyle. Mari Vignoli and Caitlyn McHugh both had a time in the 1:54 range. Vignoli ended up taking first and McHugh was only .70 seconds behind her. Coco Berkenfield came in fourth with a time of 1:58.38. Nevada only had three racers in this event, while UCD had four and CSEB had five. Nevada still pulled out on top, even when their chances of taking a high ranking was smaller with less racers.

For the 100 yard backstroke, Josien Wijkhuijs and Kyla Alexander took the top two places. Wijkhuijs swam a 56.36 and Alexander swam a 57.97. Montana Lloyd came in sixth with a time of 1:00.20. UCD took third through fifth, which helped to increase their total points. 

Nevada had four racers in the 100 yard breaststroke, as did UCD, but CSEB only had two. Three of the Nevada racers took first through third, and the fourth racer tied for ninth. 

Julia Adamczyk and Benedict Nagy were at the top of the leaderboard for the 200 yard butterfly. Adamczyk had a time of 2:09.15 and Nagy was at 2:09.86. 

Nevada got first, second and fourth for the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard freestyle. Wijkhuijs got first for a second time in the 50 yard freestyle. Her 50 yard freestyle time was 24.51. 

Nevada stayed strong after eight events. At event nine, the 200 yard backstroke, Nagy secured first. Her time was 2:08.31, and Alexander was only 1.10 seconds behind. Lloyd took sixth place for her second time in this meet with a time of 2:13.06.

The 200 yard breaststroke placed three Nevada swimmers at the top three spots of the leaderboard. Wiktoria Samula swept the competition placing first with a time of 2:19.03. The next fastest was Gianni Pitto, who swam a 2:25.45. Dance was right behind Pitto with a time of 2:27.85.

Vignoli took another first place spot at the 500 yard freestyle. Lamph was second with a time of 5:13.66, which was 4.81 second behind Vignoli. 

Wijkhuijs had her third appearance in first place in the 100 yard butterfly. Her time was 55.92. Adamczyk placed third at 3.32 seconds behind Wijkhuijs.

Nevada had exhibition swimmers for the 200 yard IM; this means that their times did not affect their points, even if they swam faster than other racers. If the three Nevada swimmers were no exhibition, Nagy would have snagged first place, Pitto would have been third and Val Kitchens would have been third. 

Nevada was also exhibition for the final event—the 400 yard freestyle relay. Two teams competed, but again, their times did not affect their points. Relay A for Nevada would have placed first with a time of 3:33.44. Relay B would have finished fourth with a time of 3:40.70. 

After all 14 events, Nevada ended up beating UCD 167-88 and CSEB 178-77. This was Nevada’s third straight win for the season. 

Will Nevada keep their win streak after two weeks of no meets? Nevada will be at Fresno State on Nov. 5 to see if they can secure a fourth consecutive win.


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