Photo courtesy of @barstoolnevada on Instagram. This was the most liked meme posted by the Barstool Nevada Instagram about UNLV.

#FUNLV. It’s been a well known phrase for a while as in-state rivals UNR and UNLV have had major beef with each other, especially in football. Although it is a rivalry, UNR is much more involved than UNLV is, especially on social media. 


Pre game

Leading up to the game students, teachers, coaches, businesses and community members began displaying their dislike for UNLV on social media. A popular hashtag has come about… #FUNLV. This means F**k UNLV. This was seen anywhere from Instagram to Twitter, even on Facebook.

There is a group on Facebook specifically called FUNLV that is followed by 3,508 Reno residents.

Bully’s Sports Bar, a local Reno bar, announced that the game will be playing and to come “watch the Pack demolish the Rebels.” The Reno Slant podcast made a meme involving photos from the hit show “Squid Game” to explain what a horrible decision it was to hire Marcus Arroyo as the UNLV coach. Another meme they made was using an episode from The Office relating UNLV to a dumpster fire. An account impostering Coach Matt Mumme posted twice with a new hashtag– #gotohellunlv –with one post including the male genital on the UNLV logo

The rivalry is so large that even the Washoe Sheriff posted a photo with the Fremont Cannon. 

Barstool Nevada took to Twitter and Instagram posting memes about UNLV using well known cartoons. The most liked post bashing on UNLV is a meme made with a scene from King of The Hill. Bobby Hill is holding a sign that says “UNLV” outside of a classroom window. In the picture below is Principal Moss saying to Bobby, “if those kids could read they’d be very upset” with the background being kids in class.

Other posts include stepping in sh*t and it resembling UNLV, and normal Spongebob compared to bulked up Spongebob. 

The UNR school account, football and athletics account were even posting. 

Where is the UNLV Barstool account you may ask? 

They haven’t been active since Feb. 7. Maybe they were afraid of how great the UNR Barstool account is. 

UNLV had little to say in the days leading up to the game. In fact, UNLV football’s Instagram and Twitter only posted three things about the game. One post was a video of a football player with a large chain around their neck. That chain might be what has been holding them down 0-7 this season. All drip, no game. 


Game Day

It was obvious who was going to win this game. Not only did UNR beat UNLV last season, we also have possession of the Fremont Cannon and had home game advantage. 

The possibility that UNLV could beat us was so low because of their 0-7 standing, and it would have been a miracle if they won their first game against their in-state rival. 

The Wolf Pack held the Rebels to a scoreless first half. UNR banged out 21 points in the third and ten points in the first, second and fourth quarter for a total of 51 to UNLV’s 20. 

UNR was able to keep possession of the Fremont Cannon after this huge victory. Nevada continues to resemble the dominant college of the state. 

During the game, one UNLV player started a fight and was taken off of the field. The crowd booed the Rebels and started many chants to encourage the Pack to victory. 

UNR called for all fans to wear blue, this made it easy to spot the enemies who were brave enough to even come to the game. 


Post game

Reno had a lot to post about the big rival win. Team members posed with the cannon and videos of the celebration in the locker room were posted. 

UNLV football has yet to post the game results on their Instagram, but did keep information rotating on their Twitter throughout the game. 

I think UNLV should not be afraid to post if they lose. A game is a game, and the results need to be shared no matter what the outcome is. People should be able to find the results of the game from the source and not have to search around the internet for it. 



Reno has more hate over UNLV than UNLV does towards Reno, but there isn’t much UNLV can hate about Reno since we actually win in sports. 

UNR has their own hashtag about UNLV, facebook group, and memes while UNLV doesn’t showcase any of those attributes. It seems that the Rebels only care about the rivalry when they do have possession of the Fremont Cannon. 

Although with the way the Rebels football program has been, especially with coach Arroyo, it doesn’t look like they will get the cannon any time soon.

Keep the cannon blue. We are Nevada. Go Pack. #FUNLV.


Kelsey Middleton can be reached at or on Twitter @kelsmiddleunr