A blueprint for a merchandise shop

Photo Courtesy of Sandra Rodriguez

After the University of Nevada, Reno’s new partnership with Barnes and Noble in 2020, the Nevada Wolf Store is due for a remodel. The construction started in early November and is now open to the campus community.

The refurbishment is long overdue as per the contract with Barnes and Noble. However, due to COVID-19 and other supply chain shortages, the refurbishment’s completion was pushed back. The project is estimated to cost $600,000, with Barnes and Noble paying for its entirety.

“The local businesses [were] having a hard time finding employees to be able to carry out all these projects,” said Rodriguez. “…[O]riginally in the contract, this was supposed to happen in July, so that it would be ready to greet the students when everybody came back to school, Fall 2021.”

Construction ensued throughout the entirety of winter break to be ready for the opening.

The first floor of the shop is going to continue to house all UNR merchandise and the convenience store. The only minor change, aside from design, will be an Apple merchandise section, which was formerly on the second floor.

Photo Courtesy of Sandra Rodriguez

The second floor will be where the most major changes will be mad

It will continue to be the textbook pickup hub for students, but with an emphasis in contactless online pickup.

Additionally, the second floor will continue to have other stationery and art supplies available for purchase.

The Dean of Students Office, which was previously housed in the Clark Administration Building, will now be located on the second floor of the Wolf Shop. This change will now also bring Greek life closer to campus, one of the four units the Dean of Students office oversees.

“I think that’s probably the biggest change up there, it’s going to be wonderful to have the Dean of Students Office also in the union,” said Sandra Rodriguez, director for the Center for Student Engagement who also oversees the Wolf Shop. “Greek life has always historically been all the way down on the south end of campus. This will bring Greek life back into the Student Union, and pretty much where all of the other clubs and organizations and [Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno] interact.”

Additionally on the second floor there will be a live reading and presentation area where authors, students and other organizations can conduct presentations or live readings of their literature.

There will be an emphasis on authors of color whose work has been discriminated against academically. The series is set to start in the spring.

“By the time you all come to school in the spring, you should be able to see the finished product. So they’re going to be working all through the Christmas break,” said Rodriguez. “I’m really looking forward to that. All of the new services will be in place.”

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