Photo courtesy of Nevada Women’s Tennis on Twitter @nevadawtennis. The women defeat Sacramento State 4-3. 

Another weekend in California turned out well for Nevada women’s tennis. On Feb. 11, the women faced Sacramento State and won 4-3.

Two of the three doubles matches were won by Nevada. Number ones Milka Genkova and Anastasia Luneva lost 5-7. Selina Turulja and Mariana Campino beat number twos Megan Tagaloa and Weronika Ejsmont 7-5. Finally, Cristina Moll Alles and Gabriella Charalampidi won their match 6-3.

In singles matches, the women won three of six matches. 

Court three finished first with Campino leading in both sets 7-5 and 6-2. Next, Moll Alles led 7-6 in the first set and won 6-1 in the second set.

The next two matches were losses for Nevada. Luneva went into three sets with Tsveti Yotova. Luneva led in the first set 6-3, lost 6-1 in the second and 6-2 in the third. Charalampidi lost in two sets to Alexis Johnson, 5-7 and 6-2.

Number two Genkova went into three sets and won the match. She won the first set 6-1, lost the second 3-6 but won the last 6-1. The last game that finished was number four Turulja against Paige Alter. Turulja was able to win the first set 6-2 but lost the last two sets 4-6. 

All together, the women’s team was able to put up enough wins to finish 4-3 against yet another California school. They are now 4-1 overall in the season and will be away at BYU on Feb.18.


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