A blue sign tha reads Ramirez-Kidd with an olive branch around it

Rachel Jackson/Nevada Sagebrush
The Ramirez-Kidd campaign sign as it stands on the University of Nevada, Reno quad on Feb. 10. The two received an endorsement from current ASUN president and vice president.

Austin Brown and Keegan Murphy, current president and vice president of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, gave an endorsement to Leslie Ramirez and Autumn Kidd, current presidential and vice presidential candidates.  The statement was posted to their Brown and Murphy’s join Instagram account on March 9.

“It is with deep thought and sincerity, Austin Brown and Keegan Murphy think that Leslie Ramirez and Autumn Kidd will further the mission of ASUN,” said both in the statement.

The two claim that the Ramirez-Kidd campaign has the knowledge, passion and experience to make the future they hope to see for the association a reality.

When reached out for comment, Brown made it evident that the endorsement is coming from them as students, not as members of ASUN.

Ramirez, presidential candidate, is currently serving as a second term senator for the College of Business and serves as the chair for the Committee on Budget and Finance. Kidd, vice presidential running mate, is serving as a second term senator for the College of Public Health.

Their campaign “For ALL Students” operates under their four pillars: diversity, equity and inclusion; community pride; student health and wellness; tradition, legacy and spirit.

Their adversaries in the election are Dionne Stanfill and Bayla Fitzpatrick running under the campaign name “Stronger with Nevada.” Stanfill currency serves as the chief justice of ASUN and Fitzpatrick serves as a first-term senator for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources.

The Stanfill-Fitzpatrick campaign operates under the four pillars of community, advocacy, association and opportunity.

Voting for the election started on March 9 via PackLife at 8 a.m and will end on March 10 at 5 p.m. Students can find more information on how to vote under the “How to Vote in ASUN Elections 2022” module in Canvas.

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