Photo by Kelsey Middleton. Anthony Flores continues his baseball career in remembrance of his father. 

After balls are thrown to the dugout and the catcher says, “Coming down”, senior right fielder Anthony Flores begins his routine before every inning of every game, touching his fingers to his forehead, chest, and both shoulders in the name of the Father, Son, and HolySpirit. Paying homage to his late father, Tony Flores, who passed when Anthony was 5 years old unexpectedly due to an enlarged heart cardiomyopathy. Inspired by his dad, Flores continues to play everyday knowing that is exactly what he wanted, his mother Yvette Guerrero, discusses his inspiration’s and struggles within saying, 

“Anthony’s dad always inspired him ever since he was a little boy, asking what sports are you going to play son? Anthony would respond with baseball. So his dad really inspired him.” said Yvette Guerrero. “It was hard at times after their dad passed, there were a lot of changes. One thing I did was made sure they didn’t feel the emptiness, so I made sure they were well taken care of and didn’t feel like they were missing time with their family, so I was always there”

As a 6 foot 2 inch, 205 pound, three sport athlete in high school, you might think Anthony Flores  would have chosen to be a wide receiver or shooting guard for another Division one program … but not so fast. 

The strong-armed, senior right fielder from San Jose, California explains his love for the game of baseball at a young age, having his first experiences on the field being next to his older sister. 

“She played little league with me and later softball,” Flores said. “At a young age, having an older sister who was a year apart made it easy to enjoy sports.”

Playing merely on the same teams for five years between baseball and then basketball, sports and competing really sparked a stronger connection between Anthony and his older sister Alexis. Alexis Flores discusses the deep connection with her brother at a young age saying, 

“It was just us challenging each other on a day to day basis that really made his drive want to be better” said Alexis Flores. 

Despite his father passing away at a young age, Flores began his athletic journey at age 5 playing baseball for North Valley Little League in San Jose, California. 

“It was definitely something that was in the back of his head but he doesn’t really show emotion too much,” Alexis Flores said. “I do think certain things were hard for him at first but I think his mindset really sets him apart from a lot of people. The way he thinks he’s strong, he always strives to be better and tries to make the best out of what you have. That’s what sets him up for success is his mindset.”   

At 10, Flores then joined Andrew Hill Pop Warner expanding his horizon of sports, now playing football. Flores would find his love for both sports as he continued playing for various teams including Oak Grove for the American Youth Football League, Almaden football for Pop Warner, San Jose Hitsquad for baseball and Soldiers for Baseball as well, just to mention a few. Coach Tomaeko, former AYFL coach of Flores from age 10 to 12, discussed the experience of coaching him in his younger years and how he actually met Flores saying,

 “His sister and my daughter are playing softball against each other and I see this 10 year kid playing football by himself on the side. I tell him to run a route and immediately after I tell him I need to get you on my team. Long story short, I talked to his mom and convinced her to transfer leagues and we ended up going to national championships in Florida in our first year” said Coach Tomaeko.

Continuing his dual sport career already playing baseball and football,  Flores decided in eighth grade he wanted to include basketball back into his arsenal of athletic aspirations. Despite his lack of basketball expertise only playing a few years with his sister, Flores elected to participate in all three sports at Valley Christian High School in San Jose. He focused on baseball and football but made an impact on multiple varsity teams as early as his freshman year. Despite receiving varsity honors his sophomore year of basketball, Flores decided to focus on his main sports of baseball and football and forego basketball owing to the overlapping seasons and potential conflict. 

“He was always a natural in baseball when I would go watch him. It did surprise me a little he chose baseball but he could’ve made it in any of the three sports he was playing. He was that good in basketball, football and baseball but his heart and passion were always in baseball, even though he was good at football. Can’t teach that kind of passion.” said Coach Tomaeko.

Flores’ success at the high school level was not hampered by his decision to forego basketball, as he continued to make significant contributions on both the baseball and football fields. He garnered special attention from local news stations and YouTube channels for his athleticism as a dual sport athlete. 

His contributions were so important that in his senior year at Valley Christian, he helped his varsity football team win a West Catholic Athletic League championship, sweep all of their playoff games, and make history by appearing in the California State Championship game for the first time in school history. 

Flores had a team-high four receptions for 53 yards, a touchdown, and an interception despite losing the state final game 21-17 to Madison High School of San Diego. Without receiving a single scholarship for wide receiver, Flores led the team in all wide receiver categories throughout the year. Later he was recognized as one of the top receivers in the Bay Area, receiving First Team All Bay Area and First Team All League Accolades. Being one of the more prouder moments of Flores, Alexis discusses the experience of those moments at the state championship game saying, 

“In the state championship game played at Sac State, just the magnitude of the game and the kind of game he had with the touchdown he scored was super awesome to watch,” said Alexis Flores.

With a bittersweet taste in his mouth from the football season, Flores then took his talents to the baseball field where he looked to have even more success.

For his senior season, he started every game in right field for the Warriors. The team had a 8-9-1 record entering into the second half of league play and sat in seventh place in the conference. Flores guided the Warriors from an 8-9-1 start to end the season 18-9-1, giving them the best record in the league heading into the playoffs. After sweeping the playoffs to reach their first Central Coast Section Championship game in four years, the Valley Christian Warriors led by Flores, squared off against another storied program in the Serra Padres of San Mateo, home of all-time greats Tom Brady and Barry Bonds. After a strenuous back and forth battle till the last out for the championship at San Jose Municipal Stadium, Flores led the Warriors to their first CCS Championship since 2013. 

While again receiving Bay Area and League honors but for baseball, Flores and his 2017  Warrior team also sparked a five year and counting CCS championship run that is still intact to this day.

“I’d say winning the CCS Championship for my high school in both football and baseball was some of my best memories not only in baseball but in sports,” said Flores.  

Immediately after his senior year of success Flores began to think of his future and what it may 

hold. Although receiving much attention for his play and awards received, Flores didn’t receive  many scholarship offers for either sport. But he didn’t have to look too much harder because San Jose State University offered Flores a dual-sport athletic scholarship allowing him to play both football and baseball at the university. Following through, Flores immediately verbally committed to SJSU and later signed where he felt was going to be his future home. 

With Flores committing to his home town school it felt like a done deal as a dual sport athlete, although things don’t always work out as planned. Flores later decommitted from SJSU due to personal reasons and the inability to be allowed to play two sports, which affected his mental health. 

“I think he was definitely contemplating his decision. He didn’t know whether he wanted to do Football or baseball but he was bummed out just for a little bit.” said Alexis Flores. 

He would then immediately out of high school attend College of San Mateo, a community college that is well known in history for its production of athletes such as John Madden and Julian Edelman. It’s also known for the ability to drive athletes to the next level in all sports. He intended on playing both football and baseball but later came to the conclusion to solely focus on baseball which was his passion since he was five. Knowing the risk of making this decision for his future, his mom still believed as she talks about the experience saying, 

“Oh yes I still did. Before his second year at CSM, the summer leading into the fall he went to a camp and had multiple offers. After talking to family and coaches, he decided to commit to University of Nevada, Reno” sais Yvette Guerrero. 

Flores ended up staying a full two years at College of San Mateo, receiving several scholarships including the University of Nevada, Reno. 

“I had a couple college offers out of junior college and I chose Nevada because once I stepped on campus,” Flores said. “I just knew that it was a family oriented environment with the baseball program and on campus, I knew I’d love it here.”

Starting his career at Nevada in 2019, Flores has been an important piece in the baseball team’s success especially in recent years. The team ended up winning the 2021 Mountain West Championship, guaranteeing a birth in the NCAA Regional Baseball tournament. 

“Along with winning the CCS Championship  in high school for baseball, winning the Mountain West Championship last year for the second time in five years was another one of my favorite memories baseball has given me,” said Flores.  

Despite the fact that it is one of his greatest memories, he recognizes the difficulties that lie  ahead in trying to repeat as Mountain West champions with new players. Ensuring the new guys understand what it means to be apart of a Mountain West Championship team, Flores saying 

“Feels good because in the fall you work so hard,” Flores said. “Knowing you shed blood, sweat and tears for this and it’s a joyful feeling. Especially with the guys you grind with and for all year  long.” 

The senior right fielder discusses the new players and challenges, but maintains the same  expectations as last year, which included not only winning the Mountain West title, but also  winning a regional playoff, super regional playoff, and eventually reaching Omaha, Nebraska for  the College World Series. 

“Look forward to repeating a Mountain West Championship and making it to a regional again and winning, eventually reaching a super regional and Omaha,” Flores said, describing this upcoming season. 

Looking forward to several games this upcoming season, the senior right fielder explains the excitement in the building, playing against prestigious programs this year.

“I’d say going down to the University of Arizona is a good one because they are always a top 10 team, and another game I look forward to is facing Oregon State at home,” Flores said. 

Despite all of the excitement around the program, particularly after last year’s championship team, Covid-19 has played a significant role in players being out and games being canceled. With the inevitable spread of Covid and its potential impact on the Wolf Pack’s season, the program continues to look forward despite the increased instances around the country. Regardless, Flores looks to have a fantastic season and to set personal goals. 

“To make no errors and to compete and win every game!” Flores said. 

With their first games right around the corner, Flores emphasizes the importance of winning every day and every practice leading up to their opening day series that starts on Feb.18 at Grand Canyon University. Flores wants to grind his hardest for his team and himself in his senior season one last time at his second home. 

“When you practice everyday, you create a bond and try to win every practice,” Flores said. “I  think that right now we are trying our hardest to be ready for series one, trying to reciprocate live  in-game energy but I think the team looks good. We are young and trying to teach the young guys  and get them on board, I think we should be repeating what we did last year.” 


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